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Brandon Moxam Provides Leadership to U.S. Lawns’ Sales and Marketing Efforts

Brandon Moxam grew up in an entrepreneurial family. His family owned and operated an office equipment business. He saw firsthand the ups and downs that go with owning a small business. It also instilled in him a lifelong love of helping individuals realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Today, Moxam is doing just that as vice president at U.S. Lawns. Much of his time is spent overseeing the brand’s sales and marketing efforts, which are foundational in helping franchisees build sustainable businesses that offer them the standard of living they desire. “It is fulfilling to help business minded individuals create a lifestyle that provides freedom and flexibility for themselves and their family as U.S. Lawns franchisees,” says Moxam.

Before joining the brand in 2007, Moxam worked for a Small Business Administration (SBA) publication. It was there that he began to see a trend. “The SBA began requesting more and more information on franchising to be shared. Franchising represents a great option for business ownership and has a higher success rate in comparison to startup businesses.”

To Moxam, franchising felt like a return to his entrepreneurial roots and he wanted to have a direct hand in helping business owners achieve success.  Through his work with the publication, he had exposure to many different franchises across a variety of industries. He decided that the green industry was a good choice because of its recession resistant nature, saying, “Grass keeps growing no matter what. Mother Nature is on your side in the green industry. It is also a growing industry that improves communities in ways everyone can see.”

Moxam joined the U.S. Lawns team for two reasons, “Dealing exclusively with commercial clients helps franchisees create a stable recurring revenue stream. Customers with established annual budgets are less susceptible to economic ups and downs than your average household is. I saw that as a great indicator of an opportunity that can weather tough economic times.”

As for the second reason, “It was important for me to be a part of company that was built on a strong value system and competitive culture.  Their focus on growth, training and support, and a great network of happy franchisees, showed they were in this for the right reasons,” explains Moxam.

With his strong belief in U.S. Lawns’ values and business offering, Moxam has spent his years with U.S. Lawns aiding the evolution of the brand’s support, training, sales and marketing programs.

Accelerated Territory Management

“We are very excited to now offer franchisees our Accelerated Territory Management (ATM) program. The program is particularly geared to those franchisees who are in their start-up period or are in a focused growth phase. Our goal is to help new franchisees get out of the blocks rapidly and build to two trucks as quickly as possible. This program is highly effective at creating a surge of sales activity in a short period of time. That is why we included three months of the program as part of the Initial Prospecting Fee which is included in your initial start-up cost.”

The program leverages the resources available to a national brand by accessing industry leading databases that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to independent business owners. Through these databases, a market vertical analysis is performed to identify potential clients and commercial property decision makers. Our sales coaches then work with this information to help you create a plan to effectively penetrate your market.

The plan is then handed off to one of our Direct Sales Dial-Up agents who is specifically assigned to your territory. This agent will place hundreds of calls into your territory each month on your behalf. Moxam explains, “This typically results in a substantial number of appointments with the decision makers of commercial properties. The franchisee is then able to take these warm leads and run with them; doing what they do best, building relationships and helping them with their individual needs.”

He continues, “We found that many business owners can’t allocate such a substantial amount of time to prospecting. And to be blunt, few people enjoy cold calling anyways. We wanted to help take this off their plate so they can focus on other areas of their business.”

ATM is an intensive version of the broader services the Direct Sales Dial-Up (DSDU) Team provides to all franchisees.  Franchisees can opt into the ATM program at any time when they would like to pursue a period of focused growth. They can continue this growth push as long as they would like, or they can back down to a lead nurturing program that continues to develop the opportunities identified. This all is an example of the radical personalization of support that sets U.S. Lawns apart.

Introducing the ATM program is demonstrative of U.S. Lawns dedication to constantly evolving to best support their franchisees.  Moxam says, “We look out one, three, five years in the future and look for ways to equip our franchisees with the right tools. We work hard to remain ahead of the curve.”

Ready for the Rebound

One example of remaining ahead of the curve is how the team has dealt with COVID-19.  While supporting their franchisees through the crisis, they also saw some new opportunities. “As more and more commercial properties begin to reopen, we believe there will be pent up demand. Properties that had temporarily reduced their service levels are in need of enhancements and some are all together dissatisfied, feeling neglected by their existing service provider,” Moxam explains.

“We immediately took action and put together a sales and marketing tool kit that we call ‘Ready for the Rebound’. It includes new digital content, collateral pieces, email templates and sales scripts. New ad campaigns were introduced with on point messaging appropriate for the current economic landscape. We also updated our sales support program to help with the needs of the clients we service. We want to make sure our franchisees are in a position to maximize all opportunities coming out of the crisis.”

Positioning franchisees for success is at the core of everything U.S. Lawns does. It begins with the Discovery Process and providing candidates with all the information and knowledge they need to determine if the business model is the right fit for them. It continues with giving them all the tools they need to come out of the gates strong and build their client base quickly and then providing them a roadmap as their business grows and evolves with support that is radically personalized.  Moxam concludes “We give franchisees a roadmap for success, they just have to follow and execute it. If you’re concerned about what your future might hold, now is a great time to join U.S. Lawns.”

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