Have You Considered Buying a Lawn Care Franchise for Sale?

Ready to leave your current job to go into business for yourself? Starting a business from scratch is a lot of hard work, so before you go all in on your business idea you should consider investing in a lawn care franchise for sale. Fortunately for you, U.S. Lawns is looking for qualified candidates to join our family of franchisees.

Investing in a franchise has a lot of distinct benefits that you can’t get from independent entrepreneurship. Landscaping and lawn care is a great industry full of opportunities for someone smart and willing to put in the time and energy to build a strong business.

Take a look at a few of the advantages of franchising and get started on your new business opportunity!


One of the greatest perks of franchising is that it saves you so much time: Time spent choosing products and services; time spent finding equipment and testing software programs; time spent learning how to estimate a job and give memorable customer service.

When you join a franchise system that is proven to work, you get to skip those steps that independent entrepreneurs go through and go straight to the part where you are working efficiently. Choose a franchise network that has tried-and-tested tools that set you up for success so that, eventually, you will be able to move into a position where you work on your business instead of in it.


The most valuable thing is experience, and when you invest in a franchise you get to benefit from the network’s experience in the industry and with other franchise owners. Before you choose a lawn care franchise for sale, validate with existing franchisees to find out what their experience has been and to get an idea of how well the franchisor supports the franchisees in achieving their successes.

Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Invest in a franchise that can share its experience-based knowledge with you to help you thrive in your new role as owner.


You need more tools than just a lawn mower and gardening gloves to succeed as the owner of a landscaping business. We are talking less about equipment (though you will need that!) and more about the tools that will help you succeed as a business owner.

Things like marketing resources, a growth plan, and technology that helps you accurately bid or easily process payroll are some of the tools that are most useful to new owners. Not only do these tools help you when you are getting started, but they can also help you as your business grows and evolves over time.

Want Even More Benefits? Choose Commercial Landscaping with U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns is the largest commercial landscaping franchise in the nation, and we know how to leverage the benefits of our brand to help our franchise owners. The thing that sets us apart most in the industry is that we work exclusively with commercial clients, as opposed to residential clients.

This focus on commercial clients gives our franchisees several advantages over businesses that work with residential clients, including:

  • Larger contracts
  • Greater revenue potential
  • More consistent budgets
  • Many more

Learn more about the clients we serve.

We are looking for smart, energetic leaders to join our franchise system. Check out our available territories to find out where we have a lawn care franchise for sale.