How Much Money Can I Make?

franchise return on investment

Opening a franchise means investing in something you will be proud of. You may have researched countless opportunities, but the biggest question that lures or deters you from a brand is “how much money can I make?” The answer to this question is never explained easily, but the best way to assure you are getting the most out of an opportunity and the biggest franchise return on investment is by pursuing an industry leader like U.S. Lawns.

We are a leading commercial landscape maintenance provider, with a connected franchisee network that encompasses every aspect of our Brand DNA. During your search, you may be wondering, “is owning a franchise a good investment?” and the answer, with a brand like U.S. Lawns, is yes. Find out how much you can make and the advantages of franchising with a commercial landscaping brand as opposed to opening a small business.

Is Owning a Franchise a Good Investment?

Becoming a U.S. Lawns franchise owner means you are investing in much more than a business. Small, independently-owned landscapers often do not have everything they need to be successful. They have to spend time and resources creating a business model that works and building up their brand identity, only to risk falling short to a brand like U.S. Lawns, who already has these things well-tested and proven to work through over 250 franchisees who have seen a lot of success so far.

Smaller landscaping companies struggle to grow their businesses to a larger scale, and this is partially due to the lack of training and support that they have access to, in addition to the trial and error of fine-tuning their business model. This is why people with a passion for the outdoors and helping others choose to own a franchise. Owning a franchise is a good investment through U.S. Lawns because we help you from the start of the franchising process all the way through you opening your doors. As soon as you read the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and sign the franchise agreement, we will get you started on your training to learn more about the industry and the U.S. Lawns brand. Even after the training, we offer ongoing support to make sure your franchise gets started on sure footing and you feel confident in your investment.

What Will My Franchise Return on Investment Look Like?

The best way to discover what your franchise return on investment will look like is to read our FDD. This very important document is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and is designed to make it easy to compare one franchise opportunity with another. It contains everything you need to know about the investment in a standardized format.

One of the most important sections of the FDD Item 19 which is the franchisor’s financial performance representation. This section is optional and is not included by all franchisors, but we know that this is a critical component for any prospects due diligence process and feel that full transparency is the best approach.

That being said, our Item 19 breaks down average gross sales and gross profits by the number of years our franchisees have been in business. For example, in 2017 our franchised territories that have been in business for at least one year averaged $726,503 in gross sales and $226,609 in gross profit. You will want to review the complete Item 19 to get a full picture of our franchise financial performance, but even more importantly, you will want to speak to some of our franchisees about their own experience before making a decision about U.S. Lawns. We will make sure all of that happens as part of our discovery process.

Why Choose a U.S. Lawns Franchise?

We want to see you succeed in the landscaping industry, and, as the #1 landscaping franchise in America, we have the skills to help. Whether it’s our training and support or our turnkey business model, the U.S. Lawns brand has an unwavering DNA that all franchises live by. This connectedness we all share in the Brand DNA contributes to our national strength through over 250 franchises, but also the local commitment that we all have to each other and the territories we are a part of.

Our locations are run by owners who have invested time and money into a brand they are proud of, and you might have what it takes to be one of them. Our promise to every prospect, owner, employee, and customer is “to be there, be responsive, be excellent, and be a friend.” If this sounds appealing to you, reach out to us today!

If you are interested in learning more about the U.S. Lawns brand and the franchise return on investment, contact us today.