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Conversion Franchising

Convert Your Landscaping Company to a U.S. Lawns Franchise

If you own a landscaping business, you probably already understand the challenges that can come with it. Residential lawn and landscape clients simply don’t provide the revenue -- and, in turn, financial security -- you need to grow your business, and you may not have the tools, crew, or means to pursue commercial clients. And if you’re here reading this, you’re likely wondering what your options are to convert your landscaping business into a franchise that offers the tools, support, and proven systems you need to grow and prosper. At U.S. Lawns, we offer landscaping business conversion rates for any company that shows they have a dedication to the industry and a drive to help their business.

Keep reading to find out why this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

How Is a U.S. Lawns Franchise Better Than a Landscaping Business?

For starters, we focus solely on commercial lawns and landscapes. Residential landscapes do not generate nearly as much profit, and with our brand recognition, we secure commercial customers with bigger lawns and landscapes such as hotels, office parks, apartment communities, and more. These bigger landscapes mean greater revenue for franchisees, so by only focusing on commercial landscapes, our franchise owners have more potential for profit.

Since you know your local area best as a landscaping professional, we also encourage you to stay involved in your community and market yourself in your new commercial landscaping franchise niche. U.S. Lawns has a stellar reputation as a leading commercial landscaping franchise, and we offer support to help you find customers in your area; however, when you market yourself with our name on your sign, you are poised to create more leads -- but with the added benefit of a local touch, which helps you secure those prospects given that you know the people, the area, and their lawns.

Does This Mean I Do Not Own My Own Business?

Owning a U.S. Lawns franchise is similar to owning your own business that you’ve built from scratch, but with many more perks and a turnkey model that provides ease of mind. By investing in a U.S. Lawns franchise, you’re investing in a brand that is already well-known, provides excellent franchisee training and support (which means you don’t have to be an expert in the industry or its operations to get started), and a powerful network that shares best practices and learns them together. All of these benefits are something you don’t get with an independently-owned landscaping business, which is why so many struggle or, at the very least hit a plateau, across the United States.

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As a U.S. Lawns owner, you are still responsible for all the day-to-day operations of your franchise. What being a franchise owner takes away, however, is being an active part of the commercial landscaping jobs. The more your franchise grows and sees success, the more hands-off you will be on field work. This provides you with greater work-life balance and flexibility that may not have been possible with your business before. If you need to pick up your kids from school, go to the doctors, or just need a bit of wiggle room for something else, you have the ability to do so a U.S. Lawns franchise owner.

How to Convert Your Business into a Franchise

If you already have a landscaping business, the hard part is over. What really comes next is determining if you are a good fit for U.S. Lawns as a franchise owner. Our brand runs deeper than simply just a commercial landscaping franchise. We have a strong Brand DNA that each and every franchisee incorporates into what they do. Ultimately, we are in the service industry; therefore, our primary goal is to provide the best services that can help us achieve 100% customer satisfaction and retention.

You can convert your landscaping business today and get in on the benefits of franchising with your own commercial lawn and landscape franchise. For more information about landscaping business conversion and how to convert your business into a franchise, contact us today.