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The Landscaping Industry

Getting involved in landscaping and lawn care creates a rewarding career. Why? Because working in nature, enjoying the look and smell of green things, and creating something beautiful is more meaningful than working in an office. Plain and simple, working outdoors can make you happy.

Almost as important as your happiness in your career are your earnings and job security. Lucky for you, the landscaping franchise industry is growing and making money like never before!

A $99 Billion Industry

Landscaping is a huge industry worth $99 billion in annual revenue. Even better, it is growing at a rapid rate. Becoming the owner of a landscaping franchise is a smart way to get your piece of this pie. Take a look at some of the ways this industry is thriving, especially for new franchise owners like you.

  • Landscaping is an open market because no single company dominates the industry.
  • Lawn care is an important part of the industry, with landscape maintenance, lawn care, and chemical application making up 54% of the average company’s gross revenue.

Think you can’t work year-round with a landscaping franchise? Think again!

Owners in cold climates transition to snow and ice management during the winter months to keep their businesses thriving. And because grass and foliage grow back every year, this franchise has a lot of job security.

Why Franchising Works

In today’s economy, more aspiring business owners are realizing their dreams through franchise opportunities.

The reasons for this are simple: franchising provides local business owners with national brand recognition for an instant competitive edge. You can enter the marketplace with a proven business model, ready-made infrastructure, and a national network of support. From day one, you’ll have answers at your disposal instead of the uncertainty that can plague small startups.

Through it all, you will never lose the freedom that comes from owning your own business. You are in charge of your business, your employees, and your destiny, which is why so many Americans are choosing franchising.

Launch your business with a time-tested roadmap for success. Accelerate your growth and earn revenue faster. Access a network of experts who are here to help you prosper. Be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

You can join this thriving landscaping franchise industry and enjoy the revenue, the confidence, and the happiness that comes from working for yourself at a job you love. Request more information to get started!