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Training and Support Program


Depend on the Power of the Network

Owning a U.S. Lawns franchise means joining a close network of supportive peers and mentors across the nation. From coast to coast, our 250+ locations follow the same processes, receive the same training, and strive for the U.S. Lawns standard of excellence.

Being part of the network has other advantages. Like a dedicated franchise support team assigned to help you reach your business goals from day one. Or the purchasing power of a national company when it comes to buying supplies and equipment.

Assistance is never more than a phone call away. Our national support team is always there to answer your questions and provide you with advice. As a U.S. Lawns franchisee, you are never alone. Go in business for yourself, not by yourself.


Sales and Marketing

One of the biggest questions for any entrepreneur is, “How do I promote my business?” At U.S. Lawns, we take all the guesswork out of marketing, advertising, and sales. With our national resources, we’re able to develop materials, strategies, and campaigns with large-company quality and a recognized brand.

  • Database of prospective customers
  • Appointment setting
  • Sales training
  • Direct mail
  • Digital marketing
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Presentation folders
  • Advertising
  • Stationery package
  • Trade show materials




At U.S. Lawns, our commitment to education is unparalleled. As a franchisee, you’ll enjoy our renowned training programs, starting with five days at our home office in Orlando. There, you’ll learn industry secrets and best practices from leading experts in the commercial landscape business. After you return home, the U.S. Lawns Development Team will be on hand to provide additional and ongoing support.

Once a year, every U.S. Lawns owner is invited to an annual conference held in various cities across the country, where we learn together and celebrate our collective success.


What You’ll Learn

You don’t have to be a business wiz or an experienced landscaper to join the U.S. Lawns team. If you’re hard working, service oriented, and willing to learn, here’s what our acclaimed program can teach you:

  • Horticulture (plants)
  • Agronomics (land)
  • Estimating and proposals
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Life of a job
  • Financial management
  • Quality control
  • Office setup
  • U.S. Lawns business model for success
  • Customer acquisition
  • Prospect identification
  • Establishing your business network



Software and Systems

We provide all the operational systems needed to run your business efficiently, including administrative, HR, financial, and operational software.

Our software solutions help with billing, scheduling, and real-time job tracking.

The U.S. Lawns Intranet is your complete resource for:

  • Management forms
  • Employee development
  • Field operations and manuals
  • Supply pricing and ordering
  • Financials reporting
  • Directory of suppliers
  • Customer communications
  • Marketing presentations


Join a Family

Because territories are protected, our owners never compete for business. Instead, they form strong bonds of camaraderie. We constantly hear about the support franchisees give one another, whether it’s advice or referrals. Franchisees participate on committees and elect members to bring relevant ideas from the field to the Home Office. That team spirit is part of every Annual Conference, especially when everyone stands to join in the U.S. Lawns chant. We simply love what we do, and the positive attitude is contagious.