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Middle Tennessee has a thriving business climate. With its low cost of living and doing business,  employment growth and favorable tax laws and fees, it is easy to see why  Inc. Magazine recently named Nashville the number four city in the U.S. to start a business.

U.S. Lawns sees tremendous potential in the area as well. “Known as Music City, Nashville hosts a surplus of hotels, HOA communities and commercial properties that use key landscaping services,” says Annie Long, U.S. Lawns’ franchise recruiting manager, “The needs for landscaping are year-round and range from color design, fertilization, pest control, and seasonal clean up.” 

For someone looking to capitalize on the entrepreneurial spirit of Nashville with a proven business model and the support of an industry leading brand, U.S. Lawns has identified three available territories in the area. The territories of Mt. Juliet, Nashville and Franklin are well positioned for growth and represent a great opportunity for someone looking to develop a single territory or someone with long term goals to expand their current lawncare business. 

With adjacent territories already operating in Clarksville and Murfreesboro, Dave Wells, vice president of U.S. Lawns says, “This is a great chance to get into a top tier metro market where the brand already has a strong presence and solid reputation. “  

“The territories in Nashville represent a strong opportunity for growth. Our market vertical analysis shows more than 10,000 potential commercial customers spread across these three territories,” explains Wells. “A prospective entrepreneur would have the opportunity to build a sustainable landscaping business by capturing even just a small sliver of this sizable market share.” 

Proven to be both pandemic and recession resistant, U.S. Lawns provides the support and systems needed for franchisees to get the most out of their investment. Long says, “We provide a robust in-person training program at the U.S. Lawns Headquarters in Orlando, FL and follow that up with hands on training in the field. The training covers operations, sales, marketing, and everything even someone new to landscaping would need to succeed. From there, support is ongoing and continued as they will work closely with their assigned advisor. No experience is necessary to find success with our brand.”  

Candidates interested in this opportunity should move quickly to take advantage of these available territories while they last.   By joining U.S. Lawns, the nation’s #1 commercial landscape franchise , you can leverage its proven business model, strong support and the power of the network to build your own business in one of the nation’s top areas. 

These opportunities won’t last long, so start the conversation today! To see all of the available territories U.S. Lawns has to offer, click here

Growing with U.S. Lawns

In just three short years, business partners Justin Adcock and Josh Hargon have experienced tremendous growth with U.S. Lawns. This growth, from the formation of their partnership to their expansion into more territories, has been in part a result of investing in the right people. Through their commitment to promoting from within and intentionally creating a best place to work culture, they have built a sustainable business with the potential for continued growth.  

Before joining U.S. Lawns in 2019, Justin Adcock was in real estate/construction, working as a residential contractor and licensed appraiser. After 20 years in the industry, he began to feel frustrated. “On a job, you are one of many contractors and you are beholden to their timeline. I wanted more oversight in how my day went.” 

Moreover, Justin wanted to be in charge of the pace his business grew, rather than having it dictated by the ups and downs of real estate trends. “I wanted to be in control of my own destiny,” he says.  

In order to create more freedom and flexibility in his life, Justin decided it was time to look outside of the construction and real estate business. “Construction is intense, you are required to physically be there all the time. I was ready for a change,” he says.  

A Sustainable Model

Justin saw the landscape industry as a pathway to build a sustainable business with growth potential, saying, “The grass keeps growing no matter what. And it doesn’t just stop with the grass; there are so many potential revenue streams. Add in enhancements, irrigation, snow removal and there will never be a lack of need for this business.” 

Having seen his friend and U.S. Lawns franchisee, Ken Beasley steadily grow his commercial landscape business, Justin says, “I knew that the business model was solid and that with the right people in place there was so much potential for growth. I also saw that it wasn’t Ken himself on the mower every day.” 

Only servicing commercial clients also appealed to Justin. “Most jobs follow business hours, Monday through Friday. I could build more structure into my days. A phone call with a client rarely happens after the workday is over.” 

In March of 2019, Justin Adcock, who lives in Alabama, became a U.S. Lawns franchisee in Sherman, Texas. “There was definitely a learning curve,” explains Justin, “but today we are performing well above the model numbers. We also put down roots in the area and bought our own building for our shop in December of 2020.” 

2020 was also the year Justin was ready to grow his business to include more territories.  This time he teamed up with a partner, Josh Hargon. “Justin and I knew each other from the construction industry. We would often go out to lunch, and I also coached his daughter’s basketball team,” says Josh, “We both had the same set of principles when it came to business.”  

He goes on to say, “Construction is a tough business and after 20 years as a project manager I knew nothing was going to change. I was not going to grow where I was at, and I was ready to do something on my own. Justin encouraged me to finally take that step and invest myself.”

Partnership and Expansion

Together, Justin and Josh started operations in Alexandria, TX and have since added two more territories in Lake Charles and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Along the way the partners have shaped their business around its people. This people-first mentality has played a key role in the growth of Justin and Josh’s business, especially with the geographical distance that separates their three territories. 

 “We know to keep our crew happy we need to intentionally create a place they want to work culture. They will then want to deliver exceptional service which in turn strengthens our relationships with our customers.,” explains Justin, “For example, we upkeep the equipment and invest in new trucks. We also empower our managers to make decisions rather than overseeing every little thing they do.  Things like that make a big difference. We never want complacency to set in.”

Josh adds, “Growing our employees is part of that culture, offering training opportunities and promoting from within. We are constantly moving people up.” 

“When we find the right person, we find a role for them,” Justin continues, “It’s important to get to know our employees, understand what their strengths and goals are. We can then shape a path based on that.”

An example of this can be seen in their most recent growth into Lake Charles, LA. “Joey started out as a crew leader years ago and as an integral member of our team, worked his way up,” says Josh, “To Joey, becoming an owner was more important than anything. So, when it was time to expand again, we gave him an ownership percentage in that territory.” 

The Power of the Network

In addition to their employees being integral to their growth, Justin and Josh have found a great resource in other U.S. Lawns owners.  Justin says, “Our connection to other owners in the network, has been so important. We have relied heavily on these relationships as we have expanded our business. They help us keep moving forward.” 

Through leveraging the power of the network and with support from the U.S. Lawns home office, Justin and Josh have found a road map to help guide their growth.  “Unlike some of the more traditional owners, we did not come into this with a mastery of the industry. Knowing the operations side of the business is not a prerequisite, U.S. Lawns helped us with that piece. We are not just out there guessing,” Justin adds, “Our franchise advisor Greg Huston’s counsel and insight has been very helpful. He helps us think of what is needed and what steps we should take next.” 

Josh agrees, “No landscape experience is needed to be successful in this business. The resources and support are available to help with that. Most important is selling the work and being able to manage people. The systems and processes help with that rest.” 

For Justin and Josh, leaving the construction industry after two decades, was about creating more freedom and flexibility over their lives as well as building a sustainable and profitable business on their own terms. When asked if they achieved this, Josh concludes, “U.S. Lawns has been everything we got into it for and has turned into even more than we thought it could be. We are now at four territories in just two years. Even during the pandemic, we kept growing. There is so much work out there, we will continue to grow.” 

Justin adds, “It is rewarding to see this business grow and we are excited to see where it goes.”

Learn more about how you can invest in yourself and your future on your terms as well as a business owner by scheduling a call with U.S. Lawns here.  

U.S. Lawns is entering an exciting phase. The brand is poised for tremendous growth and because of that has welcomed a new face to their team. Annie Long is helping bring U.S. Lawns to new territories as franchise recruiting manager. In addition to knowledge and experience in franchise recruiting, Annie brings a fresh perspective to the recruiting process and a passion for helping people realize their dreams through business ownership. 

“During the pandemic, we prioritized the support of existing franchisees and pulled back from launching new territories. At the same time, we looked inward and started building the infrastructure that would be needed to make a strong growth push once the market was ready,” says Dave Wells, U.S. Lawns vice president, “We invested in technology to streamline franchise operations and added new technology support personnel. We created and filled the new role of career opportunities ambassador to support our franchisees’ recruiting efforts and added two additional advisors to directly support franchisees. We also invested in improved customer data sources to better target commercial property decision makers looking for our services.” 

This is where Annie comes in. “U.S. Lawns has built a process that works and with all the new infrastructure and key people in place, we are well positioned to support this next phase of growth. We are ready to go!” says Annie, “My role in recruiting is to make sure this is the right fit for someone considering joining. This is a big life change, and we want them to succeed.” 

Bringing a new perspective to the franchise recruiting process, Annie says, “U.S. Lawns’ Discovery Process has always been focused on education, now it will be more interactive. We are adding new webinars and more conversations with key support team members. Meet the Team Days are more extensive as well,” says Annie “We want everyone who comes through the U.S. Lawns Discovery Process to have all the information they need to make an informed decision.” 

“Right from the initial call, the goal is to really get to know the individual and whether they are a good fit for our brand. It’s important to understanding what a candidate’s ‘Why’ is; what are they hoping to get out of business ownership.”

“Because our recruiting process focuses on getting to know the candidate in depth, we can then radically tailor our support to the individual franchisee,” Annie says, “One of the things I really appreciate about this brand is that they are dedicated to 100% customer and franchisee satisfaction.  Those who thrive in our system put in the work and then trust the system. The process works!”

What Annie looks for in a potential U.S. Lawns franchisee might not be what many would think. “Absolutely no landscape experience is necessary! We provide all the training and support you need. What is more important is if someone has experience running a business. Experience in operations, sales and management is also helpful. U.S. Lawns has over 30 years of experience in franchising and has a proven system and franchise model, we just need the right growth minded individuals to execute it. I am excited to be a part of it.” 

For Annie, franchise recruiting is more than a job. “I am very much a people person. I have a passion for helping people and I’m excited about what this brand has to offer corporate refugees and current lawncare business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level.” 

Dave and the rest of U.S. Lawns are happy to have Annie on to the team. “Annie brings a fresh energy to the recruitment process and new perspective on our brand. She engages with the candidates and guides them along in the discovery process in a meaningful way. U.S. Lawns is dedicated to helping our franchisees succeed. We want them to build sustainable businesses that in turn maximize their earning potential. Annie is an important part of us finding the right people. We are really looking forward to what is next for U.S. Lawns and its franchisees.” 

If you are interested in learning how to get in on this exciting new growth, contact us here today and Annie will reach out to schedule a call. Here is where we are growing. 

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