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Our Story

Since 1986, U.S. Lawns has dominated the commercial landscaping industry by combining national brand strength with a network of locally-owned franchises. Using this model, we set the standard for both performance and service in commercial landscaping.

From our home office in Orlando, Florida, we proudly select and train community leaders to do business wearing the U.S. Lawns star – a logo that symbolizes the “gold star” level of service we pride ourselves on. Today, a dedicated team of men and women throughout more than 220 locations make up our franchisee network. All are equipped with the processes and standards you’d expect from a national chain, and all are united by a passion for providing the best possible service to our neighbors. As we like to tell our customers: “Your turf is our lawn.”
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Promise to Our Franchisees

U.S. Lawns is recognized year after year for our amazing franchise opportunity. One of our primary goals is 100% franchisee satisfaction, and we strive to achieve that by providing some of the best training and support in the entire landscaping industry. Our powerful network is the source of our strength – that means each and every franchisee is instrumental to the system as a whole.

Put simply, we’re invested in your success and we are here every step of the way to help you achieve it. The strength of our entire brand depends on the performance of our franchisees, so we’ve worked hard to develop valuable resources to maximize their businesses. Our 700+ tools will help transform you into a strong owner with a scalable business.
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Our Brand Values

The key to our brand story is our values. When we first started, we knew that building our brand based on what we valued would lead to success: not only for us but for our franchisees as well. The following are a few of the values we built our business on, starting more than 35 years ago:


We take our brand name seriously and have worked hard to build a strong reputation that’s lasted for decades. Furthermore, each of our franchisees builds their own legacy as they grow their individual businesses.


We love our franchise model because it means that our owner/operators are members of the communities they serve. We don’t just want our franchisees to be successful in business – we want them to make meaningful improvements to their community through quality landscaping and giving back.


Opening a new business might be a big step, but the stability that’s built into our business model takes a lot of the uncertainty and anxiety out of the process.

A Love of Nature

Even if you don’t know a lot about nature or environmentalism, don’t worry – our team does. Franchising with U.S. Lawns means you’ll have access to experts and resources on a wide variety of grasses, flowers, and trees, not to mention soil and irrigation. We’re committed to enhancing the natural beauty of communities we serve while always using the latest in environmentally-friendly tools and techniques.


Whether you’re a client or a business owner, nothing is worse than waiting around for a response to an email or call. Attentiveness and responsiveness are important U.S. Lawns values that set us apart from the competition.


We’re committed to providing the highest quality service possible on every job. Furthermore, we also provide with our franchisees some of the best services in the industry by guiding and assisting them as they grow their new business.

These are just a few of the values we believed in when we built our business. We still hold them true today, and in fact, they’ve evolved into our Brand DNA – check out this page to learn more about how these values guide us in our everyday work. Then, download our eBook on the subject for further reading. When you join the U.S. Lawns franchise family, you will have all the independence of a business owner without taking on the risk by yourself. Take pride in knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself and become a U.S. Lawns franchise owner.
We hope that this information on our Brand DNA has been useful. Ready to learn more about what U.S. Lawns has to offer franchisees?Get In Touch Today!
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