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Why Choose U.S Lawns as Your Franchise Opportunity?

A little research will quickly reveal that opening a landscaping business with us means many important perks, including help marketing your commercial landscaping franchise. Perhaps best of all, it means joining a group of supportive peers and mentors across the nation — the Power of the Network — to help you feel confident and ready to do business every day!
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Our Training and Support

You don’t have to be a business wiz or an experienced landscaper to join U.S. Lawns. If you’re hard working, service oriented, and willing to learn, our acclaimed franchise training program can bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to run your franchise successfully. It will go over all aspects of:

Setting Up Your Business

We’ll help you set up your new office with the technology and supplies you need to get to work and teach you the basics of financial management. We’ll also share our time-tested methods for acquiring new customers and will work with you to establish a business network of your own.

Getting the Job Done

Our landscaping franchise training was designed to teach industry newcomers about the basics of landscaping. We’ll review everything from turf care to irrigation planning to plant health, giving you a clear idea of the services you’ll be providing. We’ll also cover the life of a job (from beginning to end) as well as how to ensure quality control to keep customers satisfied.
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Operational Procedures

U.S. Lawns has streamlined operational procedures to keep things efficient and accurate, saving our franchisees time and money. We’ve developed a tool that makes it simple to generate accurate estimates and proposals, for example, and we’ll teach you how to leverage it and other important resources during your initial franchise training.

After Your Doors Open

We know it’ll take more than an initial training program to help you make the most of our business model. That’s why, as part of our landscaping franchise support, we’ve instituted a number of ongoing training opportunities. These include:

  • A once-a-year annual conference held in various cities across the country that every U.S. Lawns owner is invited to, where we learn together and celebrate our collective success
  • Online systems that allow franchisees to access manuals and other training materials as needed
  • On-site assistance during your initial operating period to help you implement what you learned in your initial training
  • A dedicated support staff that’s ready to answer your questions

Good business owners never stop learning, so we make sure there’s plenty of opportunity for that.

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Help with Sales and Marketing

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as an entrepreneur is getting the word out about your business. Fortunately, our support includes expert marketing, advertising, and sales help. Our national resources have allowed us to develop materials and campaigns that are designed to effectively reach your best customers. In fact, we’re confident we offer more sales and marketing support than do most other franchisors — support that includes:
We’ve developed a dedicated call center that serves the purpose of contacting prospective customers in your area, identifying key decision makers, and even setting up appointments for our franchisees.

Our marketing materials are ready to be customized to your location and deployed across a wide range of mediums and include direct mail initiatives, marketing flyers, service and recruiting brochures, and much more.

We’ve also developed programs designed to strengthen our franchisees’ skill sets in a number of areas. These include:

  • Business Developer program
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Boot Camp
  • Account Manager Boot Camp
  • Growth Summit

Add to that our inbound digital marketing strategies designed to reach your best customers online and our robust trade show materials that help you find new customers at important industry events, and you can feel fully prepared to do business.


Our Systems and Procedures

Our decades of experience have taught us a thing or two about the problems that can cause business owners to lose time and money. With that, we’ve developed numerous systems to streamline the process of running your franchise, helping to maximize efficiency at every turn. Here, we’ll review a few of the ones we’re especially proud of.
Important milestones, like when to hire your first employee, when to purchase new equipment, and when to add another crew member, are clearly detailed on our franchise roadmap. From day one, we remove the guesswork by providing a clear path to follow.

Our syllabus is an important part of your initial training, but it’s also a valuable resource to guide you as you grow your business. The six systems detailed in it include:

  • Sales processes
  • Service execution
  • Customer experience
  • People development
  • Business management
  • Owner development

We’ve prioritized which of these you should be focused on at any given time, depending on the revenue level of your business. We’ve also identified when you should be handing responsibilities off to members of your team so you can focus on your next stage of growth. All of this is organized in an easy-to-understand course syllabus that makes managing your growth simple and efficient!

When it comes to pricing a job, many independent landscapers do a lot of “guesstimating,” which can result in quotes that are too low (lost revenue) or too high (uncompetitive). Your ability to properly price and quickly deliver proposals is critical to your success. That’s why we’ve developed proprietary technology to generate bids that are highly accurate. Important features of this robust technology include its ability to:

  • work on handheld devices
  • record measurements directly in the field
  • create custom templates and add services to fit your business
  • generate a professional proposal in a matter of seconds

We built our Employee Recruiting Program to help grow your business by attracting the best talent right in your local community. A few of the ways we help U.S. Lawns franchise owners find highly qualified employees include:

  • Recruiting brochures
  • Recruiting cards
  • Social media ads
  • Ads for digital listings and publications
  • Tutorials for ad posting

We also know that behind every great franchisee is a well-trained crew, so we’ve developed an online training system for gardeners, crew leaders, and account managers, the “Five Star Service Program for Crews.” These online modules can be run in English or Spanish and utilize multiple instructional and reporting techniques – helping keep your employees on the cutting edge while also allowing you to review their progress and productivity.

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The Power of the Network

Owning a U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping business means joining a network of supportive peers and mentors across the nation, a collective that doesn’t just include other franchisees. For more than 35 years, we’ve been developing strong relationships with suppliers and industry leaders who will grant you access to exclusive pricing and resources — because we want our franchisees to enjoy all the benefits of being in business for themselves without the worry of working by themselves.
U.S. Lawns has spent decades establishing relationships with suppliers, vendors, and brands that allow our franchisees exclusive discounts on the things they need most — just part of how our landscaping franchise support and the power of our network can help you save money!
We know the demands of running a business can sometimes leave owners feeling disconnected from others, which is why we work hard to keep franchisees in touch with industry experts and other U.S Lawns franchisees. A few of the ways we do that include:
Our franchisees take part in an annual conference where they’re able to collaborate with other U.S. Lawns franchisees and meet industry experts and brand representatives.
Our national support team is there to answer questions and provide advice. We understand that questions and problems can arise without notice, so we’ve put systems in place to ensure our franchisees get the answers they need quickly.
Our franchise owners enjoy the services of a business coach who reviews their earnings and expenditures, helps them make sound decisions and develops plans of action to reach goals.

At U.S. Lawns, we’re all about the strength of the network. If you’re interested in starting a commercial landscaping business but aren’t sure about making a career change, you can rest easier knowing you’ll be able to rely on it and all the other important resources we’ve discussed to help you thrive!

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