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What to Expect When Opening a Commercial Landscaping Business with U.S. Lawns

Starting a Landscaping Business: Our Franchise Process

Starting any new business can be as stressful as it is exciting and opening a commercial landscaping business is no different. Fortunately, a partnership with U.S. Lawns means a straightforward and transparent franchise process that has been set up to answer all your questions and ease you into ownership. We offer different franchise models that allow owners to be either an operator or semi-absentee. Below are some key steps.
You’ll most likely begin your journey right here on our website by filling out a brief form with a bit of information about yourself. After we receive it, we’ll reach out to talk to you about a U.S. Lawns opportunity and to learn more about your goals and background to make sure there’s a good fit.
You’ll attend a live one-on-one concept webinar with our franchise expert. We’ll take a deeper look at the opportunity and share details about our brand, the green industry and so much more!
After completing the first webinar, you’ll attend a second and final webinar that will review the franchise support we provide. Our support team is world-class and we have industry experts in each area. We’ll cover everything including marketing, training, operations, sales and technology.
After attending the webinars you’ll be finished with the information-gathering stage. At this point, we will send you a culture index survey. This is a behavioral test that has no right or wrong answers. It simply helps us identify your strengths in the workplace and how we can place you with the best Operations Advisor for support. This review is done with our Vice President, Dave Wells. Dave will also review and provide a full analysis of your territory.
We strive for 100% franchisee satisfaction and want each candidate to speak with some of our owners. This gives you the chance to see the day-to-day of our franchisees and how they’ve become so successful. This is an important step in getting to know the culture and brand even better.
After speaking with franchisees, you’ll then be ready for an interview with our CEO, Ken Hutcheson. Ken has been with U.S. Lawns since 1995 and is an extraordinary leader who has led our brand to much success. You’ll enjoy getting to know Ken better and having Ken get to know you.
Once approved to move forward, we’ll schedule an in-person Meet the Team Day at our home office in Orlando, FL. This is an exciting day where you’ll have one-on-one time with our brand leaders to ask them questions and to experience the exceptional culture at U.S. Lawns. A Meet the Team Day is just that — a time dedicated for you to meet with our world-class team. You’ll also find out more about the Power of the Network and how it can help you navigate the rewards and challenges of business ownership, and you’ll get more in-depth discussion about all the training and support you’ll enjoy. Now is the time, too, to share more about your goals for your U.S. Lawns franchise and why you’d make a great fit. Once we have our leadership team's approval to move forward, we’ll then award you a franchise agreement.
Signing your franchise agreement means we (including you) have decided that a U.S. Lawns opportunity is the right one for you and that we’re ready to move to the next steps, which include your initial 5 day new owner training and establishing your territory. Now you’ll pay your franchise fee and begin preparing for growth in our essential industry. Welcome to the U.S. Lawns family!

What Does it Take to Get Started?

If you’re wondering what some commercial landscaping business requirements might be, you may be surprised to learn that, thanks to our comprehensive training and ongoing support, just about anyone can take advantage of a U.S. Lawns opportunity. In fact, most of our franchisees don’t have a background in landscaping at all. Many have a history in:
The Military
The Corporate World
Investing in Other Industries
Nevertheless, they’ve all been dedicated to mastering the U.S. Lawns business model and have worked hard to put their training to good use. Therefore, an important characteristic of our investors is that they’re committed to learning our processes and procedures.
Another important requirement is a financial one. Opening a U.S. Lawns franchise means a significant investment. However, we think you’ll find that it’s extremely competitive compared to similar franchise opportunities. Our initial investment includes just about everything it takes to get a new franchise up and running, and we provide comprehensive support and resources that save you time and money along the way.

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