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When you sign on to operate your own commercial landscaping franchise, you will be taking advantage of U.S. Lawns’ wide array of potential customers, in a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on working with a range of clients of differing needs, and delivering consistently excellent service across the board. Our ability to deliver high-quality service regardless of the client or industry makes us one of the leading commercial landscaping franchises in the U.S.


When you own a retail business, we understand that you need your grounds to be welcoming and secure for tenants and shoppers. The aesthetic value of your landscape can be make or break when it comes to a customer’s decision to patronize a store. We specialize in native plantings and ornamental grasses to give commercial properties a colorful facelift, and strategically-placed trees to provide cooling shade for seating areas. Together, these elements combine to create an environment where people enjoy to go shopping, and are eager to revisit.


Among the industries where aesthetic maintenance is essential, hospitality is perhaps the most prevalent. For luxury accommodations, we can create lush, resort-worthy outdoor environments, while for more corporate-oriented hotels, you might prefer the safe, open landscape that creates an inviting atmosphere for travelers and executives.


Safety is paramount when it comes to industrial properties. Trucking companies, factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and supply centers often struggle to keep shipping and receiving areas clear of hazardous materials, and maintain and open visibility on roads, driveways, and parking lots. The natural landscape plays an important role here. You should strive to maintain a clean, professional appearance for your industrial site, while also taking year-round safety and accessibility into account.


Our commercial landscaping franchises firmly believe in providing a safe, enjoyable place for our own employees, so we understand the needs of offices to maintain these conditions. We know how to make the hardscape and landscape work together, to not only complement the architecture of your office buildings, but also provide a safe, aesthetically-pleasing work environment.


Keeping our city parks and public landscapes clean, well-lit, and properly maintained is crucial for making the community a safer place for citizens. We’re experienced in working with municipal and city officials, and navigating complex bidding and procurement procedures. Our municipal work is a key pillar of our mission of improving communities and improving lives.


Nature has been known to have a soothing, restorative effect on the ill, and patients can benefit when hospitals are conscious of their landscaping. A spacious, well-kept lawn for afternoon or morning walks, lounging, or visiting with family can go a long way toward patient satisfaction. We also specialize in snow and ice maintenance services, which many hospitals find highly useful. In healthcare environments, safety is of the utmost importance; we’ll come armed with snow shovels and plows to remove snow from walkways, driveways, parking lots, and stairs to keep patients safe.

If you’re excited about having a diversity of clients, and serving your community in a myriad of ways with a commercial landscaping franchise, reach out to us today for more information.

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