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The Investment

"Should I invest in a commercial landscaping franchise or not?" The answer to this question will likely have a lot to do with our commercial landscape maintenance franchise investment cost. We've worked hard to streamline the cost of investing in our brand and we think you'll be surprised at just how reasonable it is -- especially when you consider how much you get in return. You may even qualify to finance the franchise fee and the cost of the equipment you'll need.

We're looking for franchisees who:

  • Are financially responsible
  • Are prepared to invest in their franchise without jeopardizing their quality of life
  • Are able to invest time, energy, and passion as well as money into their new business

We want anyone who is passionate about investing in a U.S. Lawns opportunity to be able to do so, and we want you to succeed, which is why we're dedicated to supporting our franchisees throughout the process of opening their new businesses.

The total commercial lawn treatment franchise startup costs will depend on a few factors, like whether or not you're opening a new business from the ground up or are converting an existing landscaping business to a U.S. Lawns franchise. If you already own a landscaping business, check out the Conversion Franchise Opportunity page for more information on the process.

Franchise Fee$34,000$24,000 - $29,000$29,000
Initial Marketing$6,000$6,000$6,000
Training Expenses$0 - $4,000$0 - $4,000$0 - $4,000
Real Estate$3,000 - $6,000$0 - $6,000$3,000 - $6,000
Service Vehicle$3,600 - $5,600$0 - $5,600$3,600 - $5,600
Equipment$1,100 - $14,000$0 - $14,000$1,100 - $14,000
Tools/Supplies Office Equipment$1,000 - $5,000$0 - $5,000$1,000 - $5,000
Operating Expenses$8,800 - $48,700$8,800 - $12,700$8,800 - $48,700
TOTAL$57,500 - $123,300$38,800 - $82,300$52,500 - $118,300

What Does the Investment Come With?

Your investment covers just about everything you need to get started with a U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping franchise. Here's a breakdown of a few of the commercial landscaping franchise costs that are included in your initial investment:

Initial Franchise Fee: The one-time initial franchise fee for a U.S. Lawns franchise grants the owner the exclusive rights to use the U.S. Lawns name in their territory. The franchise fee also helps to offset the cost of some of the on-boarding expenses we'll incur while preparing you to run your new business.

Training Expenses: Once you pay your franchise fee, we don't just let you go your own way - we train you first. Training will occur virtually through a series of Zoom meetings OR you'll fly to our headquarters in Orlando, FL. Wither way, you'll learn everything you need to know about the day-to-day operations of your franchise and what to expect on commercial landscaping jobs. You'll leave this training feeling confident as a new business owner because you'll have the knowledge and the support you need to start your franchise on the right foot.

Operating Expenses and Additional Funds: We require that you have at least three months of operating expenses and additional funds set aside when you start your commercial landscaping business with us. This is so that you have enough funds to keep your business up and running as you gain more customers and grow your team. We have created a road map that lays out key goals you need to hit at certain points. With enough funding to get you started and keep your business open, and a dedication to working our time-tested business model, you can hit these milestones with ease.

… and Many More: One of the best parts about franchising with U.S. Lawns is that we've been in business for over 35 years, so we've figured out exactly what it takes to get a new landscaping business up and running. We can't promise that you won't run into any unexpected costs, but with our expertise, you can rest assured that we'll have thought of just about everything you'll need. If you're not sure whether to start a new landscaping business from scratch or franchise with us, keep in mind that this comprehensive investment is a major benefit of franchising.

Get Started on the Details

First Steps

If you want to invest in a U.S. Lawns franchise, the next stepis to complete the request more information form.

This will begin your Discovery Process. As part of that process, you will receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This comprehensive legal document contains everything there is to know about U.S. Lawns and the franchise opportunity. In it, you'll find "Item 7" which breaks down our commercial landscaping franchise costs and explains what each cost goes toward. You will have at least 14 days to review the FDD before you make a decision on whether or not you want to invest.

Are you ready to get the full details on the U.S. Lawns franchise investment? If so, contact us today and request a copy of our FDD.Contact Us
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