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As the nation's #1 commercial landscaper, we have a lot to offer

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When you invest in a franchise, you enjoy the freedom of owning your own business with the support of an experienced network: the best of both worlds.

Our franchisees enjoy great flexibility by setting their own schedules and delegating most tasks as they see fit. Owning a commercial landscaping business utilizes a variety of skills, which is why U.S. Lawns is an ideal fit for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Nationally Proven Processes

We've opened hundreds of U.S. Lawns franchises from coast to coast, and we know just what it takes to keep them running smoothly, without wasting time or money.


No landscaping experience? No problem. We'll teach you how to run a U.S. Lawns landscaping franchise through comprehensive initial and ongoing training.


The modest initial and ongoing franchise fees allow you to enjoy administrative, operational, marketing, and training support-without the high cost that independent owners often pay.

Purchasing Power

Leverage the purchasing power of a national company, including special rates and discounts on the supplies and equipment you'll need to keep your business running.

Big Brand Recognition

U.S. Lawns landscaping franchises enjoy the benefits of our well-established reputation and over 30 years in the green industry. Not only does this help to attract customers, it's a draw for prospective employees as well.

Protected Territory

One owner per territory -- that's your protected home turf. You'll be the exclusive U.S. Lawns franchise for businesses within that territory, helping you to better manage the competition.

Recurring Revenue

From day one, you'll hit the ground running. U.S. Lawns works on a contract basis (rather than providing services as-needed) your business will enjoy more stability than many independently-owned companies. One especially valuable resource is our call center that works around the clock to find you customers and book appointments.

Low Investment

You'll be surprised at how little it actually costs to get a U.S. Lawns landscaping franchise up and running. Many of our franchisees find that they get far more than they would have expected in terms of support resources and assistance when they invest.

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