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You already know that U.S. Lawns offers a great franchise opportunity, but did you know that we're the largest and fastest-growing franchise in the $70 billion commercial landscaping industry? With 250+ locations from coast to coast, we combine local service with national resources. We're growing faster than ever with locations in 37 states and counting!

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to stake your claim in the industry by partnering with U.S. Lawns.

What Makes Us Unique?


Open a Commercial Landscaping Business


When you invest in a franchise, you enjoy the freedom of owning your own business with the support of an experienced network: the best of both worlds.

Some prospective franchisees are tempted to invest in other landscaping franchises, but soon find that they can't compete with U.S. Lawns when it comes to brand support. Our dedicated guidance every step of the way helps you get the most out of your investment.

Our franchisees enjoy great flexibility by setting their own schedules and delegating most tasks as they see fit. Owning a commercial landscaping business utilizes a variety of skills, which is why U.S. Lawns is an ideal fit for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Depend on the Power of the Network


You've already learned that U.S. Lawns is part of a strong nationwide network, but did you know that it grows stronger every day?

Owning a U.S. Lawns franchise means joining a close network of supportive peers and mentors across the nation. Each of our 250+ locations follow the same processes, receive the same training, and strive for high standards of excellence.

Being part of the network has other advantages, such as a dedicated Advisor who's assigned to help you reach your business goals from day one. Or the purchasing power of a national company when it comes to buying supplies and equipment.

When you need help, our national support team is there to answer your questions and provide you with advice. As a U.S. Lawns franchise, you are never alone.

A Sneak Peek at Our Training Program


If you've been weighing your options, you might not feel confident that you're ready to open a landscaping franchise of your own.

Regardless of their backgrounds, all franchisees take part in our comprehensive initial training program. Here, we'll lay the foundation for franchise ownership by teaching you the basics of how to start a commercial landscaping business. Topics we'll cover include:

This training, combined with our ongoing support resources, has already set hundreds of franchisees on the path to a strong future in the commercial landscaping industry. We're ready to do the same for you!

If you've read about our training program before, the best way to get beyond the basics is to contact us so we can give you all the details. We love spreading the word about our industry-leading franchise program and are ready to answer questions about your franchising goals. Take the first step towards career freedom - get in touch today!

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