How U.S. Lawns Became the #1 Commercial Lawn Care Franchise

number one

U.S. Lawns is the #1 commercial lawn care franchise in the nation, but we didn’t get there overnight. We have worked hard to build our brand and create the reputation for excellence that we are known for today. In our 30 years in business, we have managed to become one of the top companies in our field.

30 Years in the Industry

U.S. Lawns was founded in Orlando, Florida in 1986. We opened our first franchise in 1987, and have been meeting the needs of growing commercial customers ever since. In our 30 years in the industry, we have ensured that our brand is relevant by updating our systems and services to give clients what they want.

We have become the top in our industry by leveraging our 30 years of experience to empower our owners and serve our customers.

Empowering Owners

One of our number one goals from the beginning has been to empower owners to run their businesses well, learning and growing as business owners and individuals. A key part of the U.S. Lawns vision is 100% franchisee satisfaction and 100% client retention. We achieve that vision by providing the support that franchisees need, including 700+ tools designed to help them scale their businesses.

In addition, we have an industry-leading support team that works round the clock with our franchisees. Each member of the support team has 25+ years of experience in their field, which equips them to help you with anything from using our technology to managing your crews to scaling your business. Their experience will empower you as an owner to accomplish your goals.

Serving Customers

At the same time that we are empowering owners, we are constantly focusing on our customers. We are in the service industry, and it is all about the customer. As we have already mentioned, 100% franchisee satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with 100% client retention, and we take those goals seriously.

Providing outstanding customer service to our clients is the key to our success as a company. Commercial property owners and managers love working with us because we provide a full range of services to help them update, maintain, and beautify their landscapes. Even better, we are one commercial lawn care franchise that does it all, so our clients don’t have to deal with different service providers.

We’re on Top

By consistently demonstrating that we care about each of our franchisees and clients alike, U.S. Lawns has been able to become a top commercial lawn care franchise. We lead the industry with our franchisee support, commercial services, accountability, and outstanding client experience.

We are consistently ranked among the top five companies in the green industry. We are among the top 150 companies on Landscape Management’s list and in the top 100 according to Lawn and Landscape.

U.S. Lawns franchisees get to take advantage of our status as a nationally recognized landscaping company as they build and scale their businesses. Investing in our brand lets you maximize our resources and reputation to serve your customers and improve your life.

Learn more about the 700+ tools that U.S. Lawns has to help our franchisees build thriving businesses by downloading our e-book.