Is Commercial Landscaping a Profitable Business?

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In a word: yes!

When people come to us as prospective franchisees getting ready to choose a franchise opportunity in which to invest, they often want to know about the potential profits for a U.S. Lawns franchise. As a commercial landscaping business, you have the advantage of working with professional clients who recognize…

Landscapes Serve a Purpose

On commercial properties, landscapes serve an important purpose: They communicate with the employees, customers, guests, and tenants who visit the property. A landscape can say many things, and commercial clients know that, so they are interested in getting the landscaping and grounds care that communicates their vision. Whether they want an unobtrusive landscape that their visitors don’t notice, an ornate paradise with intricate designs, or anything in between, they are sending a message to anyone who walks through or past their property.

As a U.S. Lawns franchisee, you can enjoy a profitable commercial landscaping business by bringing your clients’ visions to life. Listen to your clients and work with them to find the look that suits their message, and then follow through on it. Commercial customers are willing to pay for the landscaping that they want, which brings us to our next point…

Customers Invest in Their Landscapes

Owners and managers of commercial properties know that their landscaping needs to be on point, and even more importantly, they know they need to pay in order to get what they want. Commercial clients invest in their landscapes because they can’t have the landscape being a distraction, or worse, a liability.

An investment in grounds upkeep is money well spent for a business. An unkempt lawn, overgrown shrubs, or weedy flowerbeds make commercial spaces look rundown, which is never a message they want to send to prospective guests, tenants, or customers. Even worse, in winter, snow or ice in parking lots and on walking paths can be a big liability, so clients in cold climates take advantage of U.S. Lawns snow and ice management services as well.

As a U.S. Lawns franchisee, your year-round services will keep you busy even when the weather gets cold. Because customers see your services as an investment in their properties, they are spending on landscaping every month out of the year, because…

Clients Budget for Landscaping

We have written before about the benefits of working exclusively with commercial clients as opposed to residential clients, and probably the biggest incentive for you to own a commercial landscaping business is that landscaping is written into commercial budgets. You will never find the manager of a bank, apartment complex, strip mall, HOA, or office building out mowing lawns and pulling weeds, but these are things that need to be done consistently. Simply put, commercial landscaping is not a commodity, it is a necessity for which these clients budget.

Compare this with residential landscaping clients, who see landscaping as a luxury. When financial times get tough, luxury spending is the first to go, which is why residential landscapers see their bottom lines suffer during slow economic times.

When your customers budget for the services you provide, it makes it easier to provide those services on a recurring level. Keeping these clients is essential for their confidence—and your bottom line—so getting your work done efficiently and meeting expectations are critical to your success.

U.S. Lawns is the #1 commercial landscaping business in the United States, and we work hard to keep that title. To get more information about our franchise opportunities, fill out our form!