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Service based businesses are a staple of any economy, and the industry is booming. Customers are searching for companies to bring convenience to their daily lives whether it’s shopping, traveling, or even landscaping. Service based businesses make customer lives easier, so they can focus on other elements of their lives.

Companies like U.S. Lawns and other service-based businesses are thriving because of the emphasis customers put on convenience. People are constantly searching for ways to make processes easier, especially with their commercial landscape. What separates U.S. Lawns from other businesses in the industry is that we use service based franchises to bring commercial landscaping services to customers across the United States.

There are many advantages to investing in a service based franchise with U.S. Lawns. You have the ability to work for yourself in a franchise that has national strength but with localized service.

With a service based franchise, you control your own destiny. This means it is up to you to sell your services and establish your franchise in your territory. With a U.S. Lawns franchise, you are working for yourself with a strong brand behind you to help, and ultimately, you are the one who makes the decisions and determines your success.

Service Industry and U.S. Lawns

Business Insider discovered that the service industry is on an extreme growth trend, and it currently makes up a large portion of jobs across the nation. The industry is huge, which is why investing in a company like U.S. Lawns that offers a business model and an established name can help you build yourself a quality service based franchise.

Back at our Annual Conference four years ago, we took a hard look at the service based businesses that are dominating their fields: Starbucks leads in coffee, Walmart in retail, and Amazon in e-commerce. These companies are the leaders in their industries because of their focus on the service and less on the price and product.

Customers are ultimately the most important part of any business. No matter how great the product is, without good service or personalization with the customers, a business will struggle. At U.S. Lawns, we recognize how important customer satisfaction can be to the success of a service based franchise which is why we strive to make them happy every single day.

Radical Personalization in Service Based Franchises

One of the biggest ways we hope to maintain customer satisfaction at every franchise is through our emphasis on radical personalization. Customers want to know that they are cared for, especially when it comes to their commercial landscape that people are going to see every day. This means that franchisees must make customer interactions personal to form lasting professional relationships that will last a lifetime.

In addition to the benefits customer satisfaction have on the franchise itself, it also contributes to employee retention and content. Employees want to feel that their work is meaningful and contributes to a greater purpose, and by making customers happy with their commercial grounds, they are doing just that. Our president, Ken Hutcheson, wrote in Turf Magazine about how customer service and employee satisfaction go hand and hand. “Customer service begins internally,” wrote Hutcheson, and that is why ensuring that employees are happy can lead to more personal customer interactions.

Thinking Big but Acting Small

Here at U.S. Lawns, we pride ourselves in the national strength that we have through our franchisees. With 250 locations across the country, we feel deeply connected within our network. We are united by the brand name and the mission and values that we encompass into everything we do. We think big because of the big, national brand that is on our signs, but we act small with localized services and the dedication to our customers. It really does come down to the little things in service based franchises and acting like a small business with a dedication to the details speaks a lot to customers and employees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Service Based Franchises

There are a lot of advantages to working in a service based franchise like U.S. Lawns, but to be successful, it requires a passion for the service industry and a commitment to the brand. What we have found with service based franchises is that it is more about the service than it is the product, and with a U.S. Lawns franchise, you could see success through our service revolution and drive for complete customer satisfaction.

If you want more information about the service revolution and service based franchises, contact us today.

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