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U.S. Lawns Franchisees Find Purpose through Community Improvement

For U.S. Lawns, the brand position of “Improve Your Community. Improve Your Life.” is more than just a tagline, it’s an important part of our brand DNA. United by a passion for service to our neighbors, we are committed to providing first rate landscape maintenance crews and commercial grounds management excellence. We do this through supporting and participating in the success of our franchisees, in turn, enabling them to improve their communities. Here are some of the ways we live this out:

Beautifcation and Safery

Commercial landscaping inherently improves the community. It brings character and individuality to a property as well as vitality and wealth. By preserving and increasing property value, well maintained properties attract higher quality tenants, thus allowing property owners to charge higher rent. Commercial landscape is essentially an advertisement for the business. People will perceive how well you take care of your grounds as how well you treat your clients.

Aside from enhancing a community monetarily as well as in appearance, health and safety are also improved by quality commercial landscaping. Attractive landscaping promotes positive feelings. Studies have shown that natural elements improve productivity and focus in addition to increasing health and general well-being. It also lowers blood pressure.

In terms of safety, when a property is neglected, aside from money lost due to deterioration, erosion and tripping hazards become more common. Neglect of a property is also associated with higher rates of crime. In areas where storms, snow and ice are a concern, U.S. Lawns’ dedication to planning ahead is a major asset. Proper maintenance can mitigate potential storm damage, such as trimming trees to reduce limb breakage. And after a storm, clearing debris or snowfall and deicing of walkways, parking lots for example will lessen inconveniences such as access issues and closures that could affect your bottom line.

Best Place to Work Culture

As business leaders in their communities, U.S. Lawns franchisees improve their communities in concrete and quantifiable ways, like providing employment opportunities. Starting from the top, U.S. Lawns maintains a “best place to work” culture by treating employees right and providing opportunities for both personal and career growth and development. Employees who are treated right and like where they work will in turn provide excellent customer service to their clients and the community they serve.

In addition to providing employment opportunities, U.S. Lawns business model allows individuals to take charge of their own future through entrepreneurship.. U.S. Lawns provides a vehicle for entrepreneurship to business minded individuals to build sustainable businesses in their communities.

Community Involvement and Service

The brand also maintains a culture of consistent community involvement as a way to enhance the lives of those in their communities. From supporting local charities, to volunteer work, to helping community members in times of crisis, we're active in giving back to our neighbors. Time and again we see U.S. Lawns franchisees coming to the aid of community members, as well as proactively contributing their time and resources for the betterment of those around them.

A local community service project is also a much looked-forward to part of our annual conference with previous projects including home building with Habitat for Humanity, donation sorting at local food banks and bike building for underprivileged children. Community service is part of the U.S. Lawns culture.

Corporate Culture

With a deep commitment to the core principles U.S. Lawns was built on, the brand actively puts into practice the values of service, stability, discipline, integrity, responsiveness, professionalism, community, nature and environmentalism.   Committed to 100% franchisee satisfaction and client retention, U.S. Lawns provides constant training and education of Home Office staff, franchise owners and employees and works hard to stay current on industry trends, tools, products, and processes. This comes down to being responsive to the needs of our franchisees and their communities and working together to improve communities and lives is ways you can see.

For over 30 years, it has been U.S. Lawns’ honor and privilege to contribute in positive ways to the communities we service. Leveraging the power of a national brand, we provide support and resources to our franchisees, who know and care about their individual communities.  It is one of the things that gives us an edge on our competition: local owners and their relationships within the community.

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