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U.S. Lawns Podcast Interview with Garrett Vick of U.S. Lawns Dallas

Whether he's piloting a Marine Jet or leading his commercial landscaping team, Garrett Vick understands how important a strong network is to achieve his goals. His leadership is characterized by strong communication and a willingness to ask for help, exemplifying U.S. Lawns’ brand values. Garrett recently spoke with the U.S. Lawns Podcast about his journey with the brand. 

From Military Service to Landscaping Leadership 

After earning an engineering degree, Garrett planned on taking the obvious path and enter the corporate world. However, feeling the call of duty he ended up joining the Marines. What he initially thought would be a four-year stint before returning to his original plan of a corporate career, turned into 12 years of active-duty service where Garrett became a pilot. 

As Garrett was pivoting his full-time military career to the Marine Corps reserves, he once again saw himself as he puts it, “staring down the barrel of corporate America”.  After some soul searching, he realized what he really wanted was to have an equity stake in something rather than working for someone else. 

The Turning Point: Discovering U.S. Lawns

In his conversation with the U.S. Lawns Podcast hosts, Garrett recalls his initial exploration in business ownership. “I wasn’t really looking for a franchise. Many I looked at cost a lot of money to essentially just use a brand name and that was the extent of it.” 

It wasn’t until he found U.S. Lawns that he saw what a good franchise offers its franchisees. “What I have experienced with U.S. Lawns is overwhelming support and the tools franchisees need to be successful. And not just from the Home Office, but also from the advisors and other owners in the network. They have a depth knowledge and a shared interest in you succeeding,” explains Garrett.  

As he began to further explore the brand, Garrett tells the podcast hosts, “The more I looked into it, I could feel that it was 'the one'. Since then, I haven’t looked back. It’s been a great experience.”

Building Success, One Step at a Time

Stepping into his new role as a U.S. Lawns franchisee, Garrett embraced the challenge of managing multiple territories, despite having no prior landscaping experience. As he navigates his new role, he finds himself turning to the wisdom of fellow U.S. Lawns franchise owners. “I am constantly calling other owners and leveraging their experience,” Garrett says, “I don’t have it all figured out yet.” By tapping into the collective expertise of the U.S. Lawns network, Vick has been able to swiftly overcome obstacles and forge a path towards success. 

In addition to the power of the network, Garrett also credits the tools and systems provided by U.S. Lawns as helping him scale his business. He comments, “All the tools are available to you. You just have to trust the system. It's there for a reason. They are always looking for new and better ways to do things and it has resulted in a system that works. Trust it.” 

The Essence of Client Relations: A Partnership of Success

Along the way, Garrett came to understand the importance of client relations and communication, telling the podcast, “You have to understand that you are not just in the landscape business you are in the people business.” For Garrett, it is not just about transforming landscapes; it's about building meaningful relationships and fostering a partnership of success with clients in his community.

Drawing from his own experiences, Garrett urges new owners to establish a genuine connection with clients, involving them in the process and addressing their concerns. “In the beginning I failed to communicate with my clients to the degree that I should have. I finally realized that your customers want to hear from you more than you think they do,” he advises. “Be a partner, not a vendor. Let them know that you want them to succeed. Get to know their pain points and what makes them profitable. Learn how they define success. And share your vision for your business too.” 

Leadership and Vision: Navigating the Journey

Garrett shares his definition of leadership with listeners, “It's the art of inspiring others to want to struggle in a shared aspiration”.  This has translated in his philosophy on leadership. He emphasizes the importance of engaging employees in the vision and empowering them to contribute meaningfully to the journey. “Share your vision with your employees and involve them in the process of how to get there. Give them responsibility.”

Garrett goes on to offer this wisdom to the podcast, “Leaders don’t concern themselves with the immediate. Don’t be reactive,” he says, “If at the end of the day you are exhausted, you are giving too much energy to the ‘machine’.” Garrett’s message is clear. Embrace the broader perspective, empower your team, and keep your eyes fixed on the horizon of success. 

In Conclusion: A Pathway to Prosperity

Garrett Vick’s journey to business ownership is a good reminder that success is not just business growth, it’s about cultivation meaningful connections, inspiring leadership, and embarking on a journey of shared aspiration. Vick’s transformation from military service to landscape leadership exemplifies the spirit of U.S. Lawns and our commitment to fostering a community of dedicated franchisees.

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