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What Experience Do Veterans Need to Own a Franchise?

If you are a veteran looking for a post-service career, franchise ownership is an excellent choice! Franchising gives you the chance to own your own business and join a team of smart, hard-working people just like you. Your experience in the armed forces makes you an amazing asset on the U.S. Lawns franchise team, and we are looking for people like you to provide commercial landscape services to your community.

We Want YOUR Experience

It is no secret that many franchisors love working with veterans. Military vets make amazing franchise owners because you learned some essential skills during your time in uniform. The following three skills are some of the biggest things we look for in our franchisees, and veterans have all of them right off the bat.

  1. You Can Follow a System—During your military service, you learned the importance of following the systems set in place. This is an important skill in franchising as well, where following the system that has been proven to work time and time again is a key to success.
  2. You Are a Practiced Leader—One of the limiting factors in franchising, especially commercial landscape services, is the owner’s ability to lead a team. Few life experiences teach leadership as well as service in the armed forces, which is why veterans make such amazing leaders and franchisors. Your strong leadership will help you manage your team and grow your business.
  3. You Know How to Accomplish a Mission—Setting goals and taking the steps to accomplish them is critical in owning a lawn maintenance franchise. Your experience executing tasks and accomplishing missions gave you the skills to meet goals on a much smaller scale with your business.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate?

At U.S. Lawns, we are looking for franchisee candidates from a variety of backgrounds, not just military service. Here are some of the top qualities we look for:

  • Self-motivated
  • Hard working
  • Adaptable
  • Service oriented
  • Effective communicators

As you might have noticed, veterans tend to have these qualities, which is why they are such a valuable addition to the U.S. Lawns team.

No Landscaping Experience Required to be Part of the U.S. Lawns Team

How do we get away with having a huge team of franchisees with no landscaping experience? How could they possibly manage commercial landscape services and a lawn maintenance franchise without experience?

One word: training.

The key to our system is in our training, which prepares our franchisees for every aspect of owning and growing a business. We have over 700 tools that our franchisees use to learn our industry and the U.S. Lawns system, each of which is designed specifically to help you build a strong and scalable business, regardless of whether or not you have owned a business or worked in landscaping. Our outstanding training program and what you learned during your military service combine to make you the ideal franchise candidate.

Veteran Recognition

If you can’t tell, U.S. Lawns values our partnerships with veterans. Our team is our most important asset, and we are constantly seeking ways to improve our business. One way that we do that is by keeping our business model up to the most stringent standards in franchising, and it has not gone unrecognized. We are proud members of the VetFran initiative, which aims to identify the best franchise opportunities for veterans, earning a three star ranking. In addition, Military Times has ranked us one on their Best for Vets list.

At U.S. Lawns, we are so much more than a lawn maintenance franchise. We are a team made up of franchisees and home office personnel, all of us working together to boost each other up. If you are ready to join the U.S. Lawns team, get in touch with us to get started!

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