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Is Rebranding for You?

Are you wondering, "How do I go about rebranding my business?" If you are, you're not alone. People rebrand their businesses every day for a variety of reasons. Here, we'll review a few of the reasons many people opt to make a switch, along with what we look for in conversion franchisees.

Should I convert my landscaping business to a franchise?

Converting Your Business

What's involved in Rebranding My Business?

We're dedicated to supporting our conversion franchisees throughout the process of revamping their businesses, but we're looking for them to bring certain things to the table as well. For instance:

Enthusiasm for Our Brand: Independent owners are used to doing things their way. While our franchisees have the freedom to make many day-to-day decisions on their own, we expect them to adhere to our well-established business model. Franchisees often find that this is no problem: in most cases, our procedures are far simpler and less time-consuming than the ones they'd been following before rebranding.

Prepared to Invest: Converting a landscaping business is often far less expensive than starting a new U.S. Lawns franchise from scratch. After all, you've probably already got a good deal of the necessary equipment and vehicles. That being said, prospective conversion franchisees should be prepared to invest in the necessary upgrades to their business that our franchise system requires. Furthermore, they should be prepared to pay a one-time franchise fee that helps to offset some of the costs of the resources they'll receive, and grants them access to our respected brand name.

Willing to Trust the System: U.S. Lawns didn't become the nation's largest commercial landscaping franchise overnight - it's been decades in the making and is the result of our strong Network, Brand DNA, and hard-working franchise owners. We're looking for conversion franchisees who are willing to trust in our expertise and fully leverage the systems we've put in place.

If you see a lot of yourself and your business reflected on this page, our conversion franchise opportunity might be for you.

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