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The Power of the Network

Owning a U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping business means joining a close network of supportive peers and mentors across the nation. From coast to coast, our 220+ locations follow the same processes, receive the same training, and strive for the U.S. Lawns standard of excellence. Of course, our network doesn't just include other franchisees. For more than 35 years, we've been developing strong relationships with suppliers and industry leaders that grant our franchisees access to exclusive pricing and resources. We want our franchisees to enjoy all the benefits of being in business for themselves without the worry of working by themselves.

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Guidance and Support

Unlike other franchisors, U.S. Lawns has implemented many strategies to connect our franchisees with experts. We understand that running a business can feel lonely, even when you're part of a franchise like ours, so we work hard to keep franchisees in touch with industry experts and other franchisees alike. A few of the ways we facilitate those connections include:

  • Annual Conferences

Our franchisees take part in an annual conference where they're able to meet and collaborate with other U.S. Lawns franchisees. We also invite industry experts and representatives from landscaping brands to these conferences so that our franchisees have the opportunity to stay on the cutting-edge of new technology and developments that could impact their business.

  • National Support Team

Assistance is never more than a phone call away. Our national support team is there to answer questions and provide franchisees with advice. We understand that questions and potential problems can arise without a moment's notice, so we've put systems in place to ensure our franchisees get the answers they need quickly.

  • Business Coaches

We don't just want to support our franchisees on the operational side of their business, we also want to help them make the best financial decisions. Each of our franchisees enjoy the services of a business coach who reviews their earnings and expenditures, helps them make decisions, and develops plans of action to reach their goals. This one-on-one coaching is a great resource for franchisees who are starting a new business and those who convert their existing commercial landscaping businesses to U.S. Lawns franchises.

As you can see, U.S. Lawns is all about the network. We put our franchisees in touch with the right people to help them enjoy great discounts, insights, and guidance. If you're interested in starting your own commercial landscaping business but have been anxious about making a career change, rest assured you'll be able to rely on our network to help you thrive.

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