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Veterans Opportunity

Go into Business for yourself with a commercial landscaping franchise for veterans.


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Veterans possess a unique skill set that we believe makes them especially qualified to own and operate a U.S. Lawns franchise. Your work ethic and organizational skills were likely developed in the military, and those are valuable traits for our franchise owners. We know that there are hundreds of franchise opportunities for veterans, but we believe that our commercial landscaping franchise opportunity for veterans has a lot to offer compared with the competition. Of course, another major benefit is that you can be your own boss and thus set your own schedule and delegate priorities as you see fit. If you're working on moving from military to civilian and family life, this is a great opportunity to ease your transition.

Here's why:

Don't get stuck behind a desk

When you become a lawn care franchise owner, you will be behind the desk only as much as you want to be. U.S. Lawns offers its customers full-service commercial landscape maintenance, which means you and your crews will be beautifying the properties of local businesses. You're free to visit job sites with your crew or keep things running smoothly at your home base - you're free to decide for yourself.

Control your Career

Traditional corporate jobs may pay the bills, but they do not offer you a lot of control. Our commercial lawn care franchise for veterans is different. U.S. Lawns franchisees enjoy the freedom of being able to build their own business.

Company Culture

We've built a solid reputation on a Brand values like strength, discipline, efficiency, and service. We've been able to create a brand that's united by the national strength of over 200 franchisees, maintain a local commitment that ensures we stand out from the competition, and grow the Power of the Network that keeps us together and provides the best services to our customers. A U.S. Lawns franchise means all of this and more, and it doesn't break the bank. We are a low-cost franchise opportunity, and that matters as much to our franchisees as it does to us.


We will train you on everything from the proper way to trim a hedge to the most efficient method of bookkeeping. Through our extensive training, you will learn the ins and outs of owning a landscaping franchise, which will prepare you to operate your business with ease.

If you are ready to jump out of the armed forces and into business ownership, check out our commercial landscape maintenance franchise for veterans, contact us using the form on this page, and let us show you how you can control your destiny!

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