4 Commercial Landscaping Industry Trends for 2017


There are a lot of words to describe the landscaping industry: expanding, hard-working, green, and outdoorsy probably all come to mind. But how often do we think about landscaping as being trendy?

It turns out, landscaping can have an impact on your business, just like virtually any other industry. Being aware of these trends helps you as you talk to clients and find more business, so read through these 4 commercial landscaping trends in 2017 to be prepared for your customers’ requests.

# 1 Drought Tolerance

There has been a lot of news in recent news about droughts all over the country. California is the most notable example, with officials imposing mandatory restrictions on homes, businesses, and government buildings. But Californians are not the only ones who are thinking about drought. Regions as far apart as the Dakotas and central Florida are seeing drought conditions already this year, and drought tolerant plants are a good option for commercial spaces that may need to conserve water later.

Plants that resist drought are available in many of the vibrant colors as other plants, but with the added benefit of staying beautiful should the worst happen. Plants like lavender, succulents, and Russian Sage are great examples of colorful plants that stay gorgeous with less water.

#2 Water Conservation

Commercial owners and managers aren’t just concerned with using water because of possible drought; they know that conserving water also conserves money in their budgets. Updating irrigation systems (in addition to using plants that are less thirsty, as we mentioned above) to more efficiently water their landscapes saves your clients money, freeing up funds to use on other important projects. Water conservation is as important in the landscaping industry as it is in any other industry.

#3 Gathering Spaces

A commercial landscaping trend in 2017 is “placemaking,” or creating beautiful spaces where people will want to gather and linger. Incorporating walkways and benches into landscaping designs encourages people to stay a while, which has uses in a variety of commercial spaces.

  • Shopping centers profit when their patrons stay for longer periods of time, and a lovely outdoor space gives shoppers a place to rest.
  • Hotels can offer guests an outdoor lounge area where they can relax after a long day of travelling, working or sightseeing.
  • Office buildings may see improvements in employee productivity if they have easier access to the outdoors.

These gathering spaces do not need to be intricate or cause huge changes to the landscape. Both landscape professional and client should work together to find the best way to incorporate something like this into the landscape.

#4 Customized Landscapes

When it comes to landscaping trends, the most important thing you can offer to your clients is exactly what they want. It is really that simple. Your customers may not care much about the trends going on in the landscaping industry, but they certainly have an idea of what they want their grounds to look like. Working with your clients to create customized landscapes that fit their aesthetic is the best way to make them happy.

Some customers want landscapes that stand out above the crowd, while others want landscapes that blend into their surroundings. You will find clients that want only brightly colored flowers or all greenery, perfectly manicured shrubs or natural-looking long grass, and everything in between. Being able to deliver what they want is your most important job as a landscape professional.

Meeting all of your customer expectations—whether they want to go ultra-trendy or stick with something traditional—is an essential part of the U.S. Lawns commitment to 100% client retention. That’s why we are the #1 landscaping franchise in the industry.

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