Stuck in Residential Landscaping? 6 Ways U.S. Lawns Helps You Break into the Commercial Landscaping Business

commercial landscaping

We often hear from residential landscapers who feel like they’re stuck in a rut. They own relatively successful businesses, doing landscaping and lawn care for residential properties, but they just can’t break into the commercial landscaping business.

For many, the solution is U.S. Lawns. As the #1 commercial landscaping franchise in the United States, we have figured out the formula for building strong businesses.

Position Your Business to Attract Commercial Work

The first thing you can do to get into commercial landscaping is to make your company attractive to commercial clients. Putting yourself in a position that attracts commercial clients doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, U.S. Lawns has a host of tools and resources to make it easy.

Here are 6 of the ways we help you break into commercial landscaping.

#1 Make a Plan

You cannot break into commercial landscaping without a solid business plan. An essential part of the U.S. Lawns franchise training program involves providing you our proven road map to success. This plan—which includes everything from financial modeling to identifying when to invest in more employees, trucks, and equipment—is the first step towards understanding how to build a strong and profitable commercial landscaping business.

#2 Learn How to Find Clients

You cannot run a commercial lawn care franchise without commercial clients. At U.S. Lawns, one of the areas we focus on is teaching our franchisees whom to target when they are searching for clients. Finding the decision makers who work on the commercial properties in your market, then demonstrating the value propositions that make you unique, will make all the difference as you make the switch to commercial landscaping.

#3 Provide Accurate Estimates

One way to demonstrate to prospective clients that you operate a reliable and professional business is by providing accurate estimates for the jobs you are interested in acquiring. Giving a precise estimate that is custom tailored to your prospective clients, and then following through on your promises, leaves your clients with a good impression of you and your business. U.S. Lawns franchisees get to use our proprietary estimating tool, which is designed to make the process of estimating a job easy and accurate.

#4 Standardize Operations

One thing customers love is great service. Something they love even more is the same great service time and time again. Standardizing your company’s operating procedures sets you apart in the commercial landscaping business because it makes your services replicable. U.S. Lawns became the #1 commercial lawn care franchise in America by standardizing our processes and giving our franchisees the tools to provide the highest caliber of service possible.

#5 Train Employees

It is so important that you trust your employees to go to a job and provide the kind of service that represents your business. How do you make that happen? By training them! At U.S. Lawns, we are big believers in the importance of a well-trained team, as demonstrated by our comprehensive franchisee training. On top of that, we give each franchisee extensive materials that they can use to property train each employee. This training, combined with our standard operating procedures, allow you to trust your employees to give your commercial clients the service they seek.

#6 Be the Owner

The biggest struggle that we have seen with landscapers is when the owners try to wear every hat in the business. When the owner spends time doing the landscaping, they are spending less time growing the business. Delegating responsibilities to well-trained employees frees up your schedule to market, find new clients, and scale your business for the future.

Each of the tools available to our franchisees allows them to take on the role of owner and manager, which in turn helps them build strong, successful commercial lawn care franchises.

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