A Great Business Opportunity That is Often Overlooked

Let’s be honest, when you think about landscape maintenance, “great business opportunity” may not be the first thing that comes to mind. “Isn’t that hot, sweaty and laborious work?”, you might ask. Images of a “Chuck in a truck” type independent landscape business operator may even come to mind. While “Chuck” might make a good living, he is unable to scale because the business is built around himself and he doesn’t have the systems and processes in place to grow beyond his self-limiting client list.

This may be true for the average landscaper, but a discerning business minded individual sees potential. By rising above the “Chuck on a truck” mentality and managing their operation from a executive level, U.S. Lawns franchisees have been able to create and scale sustainable businesses. Using the tools, systems and processes provided by the brand, these franchisees have a competitive edge, allowing them to dominate their industry.

So How is this a Good Business Opportunity?

Defined market niche – Landscaping is a $99 billion dollar industry and growing annually ahead of the national average. However, the industry tends to be very fragmented. So fragmented that according to Lawn and Landscape Magazine’s most recent Top 100 list, the top 100 companies in the industry represented only about 10% of the overall market share in 2018! This means there is tremendous opportunity for you to grab a piece of your local market share. By focusing on the most profitable clients, commercial properties, U.S. Lawns will help you operate in the most lucrative segment of the industry.

Recurring revenue – Commercial customers generally sign annually renewable contracts in which they pay you a standard monthly fee. By staying close to the customer and taking care of their needs, you can lock this revenue in long term.

Recession resistance – Grass grows regardless of economic conditions. While residential clients may cut lawn care in an economic downturn, commercial properties need to maintain their ‘curb appeal’ to stay competitive.

Scalability – While “Chuck on the truck” puts himself at the center of his operation, U.S. Lawns focuses on providing the tools, resources, systems, processes and support necessary to scale your business.

Low cost of entry and strong return on investment – For an initial investment of less than $100,000 you can get started in a business that can provide a great standard of living. In 2018, the average franchise that had been in business for at least five years generated $962,677 in gross sales with a net profit margin of 14.9% after accounting for all expenses including owner salary and benefits!.

Proven model with systems, processes, and support– U.S. Lawns franchises are able to leverage the experience and expertise of U.S. Lawns’ 30 years in the Green Industry. From teaching franchisees the most efficient way to service a job, to how to price bids, U.S. Lawns provides a ready made infrastructure and roadmap for success.  

Rising Above Limiting Beliefs

U.S. Lawns has helped over 250 business minded individuals create their own profitable and sustainable businesses.  With access to a network of experts dedicated to helping them prosper, they found their growth accelerated, earning revenue much faster than they could have alone. Their days are not ‘stuck in a truck’, but rather managing their crews and maintaining client relationships. Most importantly they have the flexibility to do all this on their schedule, which means more time for family, something that was missing from many of their lives before they joined U.S. Lawns.

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