Franchising 101: How to Open a Franchise

Whether it’s a fast food restaurant, a hair salon, or even a landscaping business, there’s a lot that goes into starting a franchise. Entrepreneurs from all different walks of life choose franchise opportunities over starting small businesses because they have a lot of benefits to them, and they also recognize that having a well-known brand behind them to provide support can go along way. Here are some tips on how to open a franchise with a brand who will stand behind you in an industry that has proven to be profitable.

A Brand that People Know and Trust

While researching franchise opportunities, it is important to factor in recognizability of the brand and whether people know who they are. There are a lot of franchises out there, and some are more successful than others in their industries. Choosing a brand people know means there may be less competition, a higher potential for profit, and a larger chance of customer satisfaction.

The franchise industry has continued to thrive over the past decade for many reasons, but one is that people like to stick to the services they know and a brand they can trust. Customers like consistency, which is why people choose to go to a reliable chain instead of a mom and pop shop or a U.S. Lawns instead of an independently-owned landscaping business. Franchises like U.S. Lawns have a national strength behind them that brings their reputation wherever a new franchise opens, so customers know who they are and what they do.

Systems and Processes Designed to Help You Succeed

Starting a franchise with the right brand can result in saving a lot of time and effort that can be spent elsewhere. In addition to a brand name, when you are buying a franchise you are buying a system of processes and procedures that have been developed by the franchisor to accelerate your success. By following the prescribed system and resisting the temptation to reinvent the wheel, franchisees find success that can be replicated again and again.

In 32 years of franchise experience, U.S. Lawns has developed more than 750 operational tools and training resources that take the guesswork out of operating your landscaping business. By following their roadmap and implementing the tools when prescribed, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

Strategic and Researched Territories for Your Franchise

Starting a franchise can be very rewarding, but without the right location, it could potentially fall short in the industry. Investing in a brand that has strategic and researched territories for your franchise to open can help enormously when it comes to opening your franchise. These territories include factors like demographics of the cities or towns, foot traffic, and retail/office space to best determine where the best location for a franchise will be near you. Brands like U.S. Lawns even have the information accessible online, so people know where the territories are before they make an investment or even a phone call.

How to Open a Franchise

With these tips in mind, you now have an idea about what kind of franchise brand to choose and how to open a franchise. With the right brand, you will be able to take on any industry of your choice. A lot of franchisors understand that their brand recognition, systems and processes, and strategic territory development help franchisees stay on a path for more apt for success, and it shows potential franchisees just how much the brand cares about them. Brands like U.S. Lawns want to help franchisees have a higher potential for success, so they can outshine any independent landscaping business.

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