In a Competitive Industry, How does U.S. Lawns Manage to Stay on Top?

It is no secret that there are a lot of landscaping companies out there. With so much competition, how does U.S. Lawns manage to stay on top? How do we keep our place as the #1 commercial landscaping franchise? What sets us apart in an industry with lots of options?

Brand DNA

The most important thing to know about U.S. Lawns is that we are a brand built on values. Our Brand DNA is at the core of everything we do, informing every interaction between corporate employees and franchisees as well as franchisees and customers.

At its core, the Brand DNA shows U.S. Lawns’ national strength, local commitment, and powerful network. Unlike the competition, we are a strong national brand that empowers our franchisees to complete their work with the passion that comes from local ownership. On top of it all, our owners use the power of our network to get training, resources, and guidance as they open and grow their businesses.

Our brand vision is 100% customer retention and 100% franchisee satisfaction. We remain so strong because we put just as much emphasis on taking care of our franchisees as we do our customers, so we ensure that our franchisees have the tools they need to succeed.

Commercial Properties Only

U.S. Lawns sets itself apart in the industry by exclusively servicing commercial properties. Other brands dilute their focus by offering residential landscaping services in addition to commercial landscaping.We have found that a commercial focus gives our franchisees greater revenue and growth opportunities because commercial contracts are typically larger than residential contracts. As such, U.S. Lawns franchisees are typically able to earn higher revenue with a smaller number of contracts. In addition, professional landscaping is a luxury for homeowners but a necessity for commercial property managers, so commercial work is more reliable.

Working on commercial properties lets you improve your community in ways everyone can see. The HOAs, hospitals, hotels, retail complexes, municipal properties, and more in your community will look beautiful and well-maintained because of your hard work, and there is no greater satisfaction than that.

The Service Business

Staying on top of the commercial landscaping industry is important to us, which is why we emphasize to our franchise owners that we are in the service business. While we are providing outstanding landscaping and lawn care, we are also providing excellent and consistent customer service.

Our clients can tell the difference between our service and the service by other landscapers, and it is no mystery why they prefer U.S. Lawns. We have set a high bar in the industry for meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs with customized service packages, a full menu of grounds care services for all seasons, nationally-trained crews, and professional, local owners. Our service makes all the difference, and our reputation shows it.

At the end of the day, U.S. Lawns is the best at what we do. We have worked hard to become the #1 commercial landscaping franchise, and we are proud to continue working to keep that spot. If you are ready to join our powerful network the time is now to reach out to us! We will be in touch with you to get started.