Is Investing in a Commercial Lawn Care Franchise Right for You?

Looking for a new career as a business owner leaves you with a lot of options. So how do you know what is right for you? A good first step in researching franchise opportunities is determining which industries are a good fit, so try to look broadly at franchises that fit your skill set and goals. A commercial lawn care franchise, for example, may work for you even if you don’t have experience in landscaping, as long as you want to be active and learn new skills.

Here are a few things to think about as you consider going into commercial landscaping.

Why Commercial Lawn Care?

The lawn care and landscaping industry is sustainable because nature is on your side. The economy has its ups and downs, but grass is always growing, so it always needs to be cut. It follows that commercial property owners and managers can’t have their landscapes looking like jungles, so they rely on professionals in any economic condition.

Are You a Good Fit for a Commercial Lawn Care Franchise?

It takes more than a passing interest in landscaping to be a strong franchisee. True, it is important to know how to cut grass and talk to customers, but a lot more goes into commercial landscaping than that.

You are a good fit for commercial landscaping if you are:

  • Excited about working outside: People who don’t want to be stuck behind a desk are great candidates for a commercial lawn care franchise. This industry is especially popular for veterans transitioning out of their military careers, as they are attracted to the idea of staying active and being outdoors.
  • Looking to grow with your business: A cool thing about landscaping is that there are a lot of opportunities for growth, especially if you join a franchise brand with a history of putting people in business and helping them scale their franchisees for growth. With a landscaping franchise, you may start out working in the thick of things, cutting grass, and pulling weeds. But as time goes on and your business grows, you will need to move into a management role that gets you off the truck and working on your business to help it grow even more.
  • Ready to be in a leadership role: When you own a business, nothing is more important than your ability to lead. Good leaders don’t simply tell their employees what to do; instead, they show by example, they are compassionate, they invest in themselves, and they set their employees up for success.

Plus, your franchise training will teach you what you need to know about the daily work to build your business, so passion and enthusiasm are most important.

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