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Once you know how to start a lawn care business, the next step is establishing strong and reliable relationships with potential clientele. In commercial landscaping, you will be working with a variety of different clients who manage or own commercial property and rely on you to add value to their property’s exterior. These customers expect certain things from your lawn care business, so we’re exploring five great ways to establish trust with them.

Know How to Start a Lawn Care Business the Right Way

Client relationships are built on trust and trust is built on consistency. In order to earn trust, clients expect to see consistency in organization, quality of work, and overall lawn care knowledge in any landscaping business they work with. A U.S. Lawns franchise can establish trust quickly through a proven business model, national brand recognition, and the local commitment that only an independent business owner can provide.

U.S. Lawns franchisees strive for 100% customer retention. While that sounds like a lofty goal, anything less would be settling for mediocrity and mediocrity just doesn’t fit in the brand’s vision. Knowing how to start a lawn care business may help you get started, but the knowledge and backing that comes from an established brand will help you get your foot in the door with high-value commercial customers and help you grow your business that much quicker.

Invest in a Top Commercial Lawn Care Franchise

Reputation matters. U.S. Lawns is the top franchise in the commercial landscape management segment, and with locations nationwide and plenty of room for growth, having the U.S. Lawns brand on your truck instantly provides your business with a reputation that resonates with commercial customers.

U.S. Lawns didn’t become the leading franchise in the commercial landscaping industry by just offering franchises either. They provide extensive training for every franchisee and ongoing support that is unparalleled in the franchise industry. This unifies all franchises across the nation to provide a consistent level of service that further enhances the brand’s reputation.

Offer a Wide Range of Services

Customers want a commercial lawn care business to cover everything that their landscape may need all year long. This includes landscape maintenance and improvements, tree care, irrigation, snow and ice management, and more. All these services may seem like a lot for a single franchise, but with the U.S. Lawns support team behind you, you can truly be the one-stop shop for all of your customers' commercial landscaping needs.

Be a Part of Your Community

“Improve your community. Improve your life.” That is U.S. Lawns brand position. Being involved in the community means each franchise owner lives in the market and is there to build local relationships, sponsor local causes and be involved in local charitable events. In doing so, franchisees help spread the word about their services and show potential customers that this is a business that cares about the community around them.

Remember To “Be There, Be Responsive, Be Excellent, and Be a Friend”

That is the U.S. Lawns brand promise that every franchise embodies. Customers are looking for a brand that they know will get the job done in a timely manner and work with them to get it done right. This brand promise brings the professional relationship with the customer to another level by showing them how much the franchise cares about them and not just their commercial landscape needs.

The U.S. Lawns Brand DNA is unique because it unifies every franchisee to the same values and missions that the brand holds true. The Brand DNA enables U.S. Lawns to grow their national strength, while maintaining their commitment to quality.

Knowing how to start a lawn care business is a great start, but in order to do it right and have more potential for success, investing in an established franchise brand like U.S. Lawns could be the better option. A trusted and well-known brand already has an edge in the landscaping industry, and by investing in one that has a strong Brand DNA, large network, local commitment, and a wide variety of services, you will be far more likely to find success in your business venture.

If you would like to learn more about the mission and vision of U.S. Lawns franchises, check out our website.

You may be looking at your lawn mowing business thinking “now what?” Your residential customers have limited service needs making it difficult to grow revenues without expanding your footprint. You know that commercial customers tend to provide higher and more consistent revenues, but you’re not sure how to get in front of these customers or even what type of commercial customers to target.

U.S. Lawns has helped dozens of small residential landscapers turn their businesses into large-scale commercial landscape management operations. To help you on your journey down that part, here is a closer look at four types of clients you should be targeting: customers who need complete commercial landscaping services that go beyond what a simple lawn mowing business can do.

Multi-Family Residential Communities

Apartment complexes can range anywhere from a single building to the size of a city block, and each one needs something to draw potential tenants in. To do so, and to keep current tenants happy, property managers need something to differentiate their property from others in the area. For many, that means a beautiful commercial landscape that needs consistent upkeep and maintenance is a must have.

Apartment communities don’t just choose any service provider to do this work either. They expect consistency, accountability and most importantly, a higher level of professionalism than the typical residential customer does. That is why they choose brands like U.S. Lawns who have a strong brand DNA and professionally-trained franchisees who are dedicated to working together in the community to get the job done.

Hotels and Resorts

Hospitality is a competitive industry, which is why hotels and resorts care a lot about the details. Their customers are coming from all over to spend money and extended periods of time in this locale. A beautiful landscape has the potential to draw these customers in, make them stay, and convince them to come back for more., Alternatively, a poorly kept landscape has the potential to make them keep on driving and choose a competitor the next time they need a getaway or place to stay.

A lot plays into how people choose where they stay, but a big part of their decision is the exterior design. That is why many hotels and resorts choose a nationally recognized brand like U.S. Lawns to fulfill all their needs with a one-stop shop for commercial landscaping services.

Malls, Restaurants, and Strip Centers

If you are going out to a restaurant, would you rather go to the one that looks run down with an unmaintained lawn or the one that shows they care with their professional landscape that never goes unkept? After all, if the customer-facing exterior looks that bad, what does the kitchen look like?

A study showed that 75% of all Americans visit a mall or retail center at least once a month, which means there are a lot of eyes on the landscape. In addition to its customers, retail tenants want to choose a landlord that can prove they care about the commercial building inside and out. Commercial landlords use service providers who can offer a wide variety of landscaping services to make their customers happy and their properties more appealing and profitable.

Commercial Office Buildings

Everybody is in the business of promoting their business, and a very easy way to attract clients is by having an attractive and well-maintained landscape. Beyond lawn mowing, properties may require extensive bed maintenance, tree care, mulching, etc. And what happens when it snows? Property managers who own commercial office buildings know that they need a lawn care business that can do it all and do it well. U.S. Lawns is exactly the type of vendor they’re looking to hire. Any commercial business wants a brand they know they can trust, that is grounded in their principles, and has a proven track record of service -- something in which U.S. Lawns takes pride.

Commercial clients look for a service provider that has national strength and local commitment. U.S. Lawns, through its strong network of franchisees who all want to give their best service to their clients, knows that they are capable of targeting these four types of clients and can bring the U.S. Lawns mission and vision with them. That is why commercial clients choose U.S. Lawns again and again.

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