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Taylor Kelley Builds His Own Dream in the Las Vegas Desert

After years working as a high-level manager in aerospace manufacturing, Taylor Kelley found himself tired of the corporate lifestyle. He grew weary of the 55–60-hour work weeks, late night overseas calls and having to have his phone attached to his hip at all hours.

“I wanted more control over my life. As a manager, I felt like I was just feeding the next level. There was constant pressure. I wanted to build and grow something for myself; something that was mine,” says Taylor.

No longer wanting to stay on the corporate ladder, Taylor came to a crossroads in 2019.  Wanting to be closer to their adult daughter, Taylor and his wife, Emee, decided to leave California and start a business in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Taylor was no stranger to starting up a business. Years before entering the aerospace industry, he and a partner owned a Sport Fishing company in Baja California.  Knowing what went into building a business from scratch, this time around Taylor decided he wanted to invest in a concept that came with a road map and strong support.

After researching several industries and brands, he felt U.S. Lawns offered the best fit for his personal and financial goals.  “I appreciated U.S. Lawns’ no pressure approach. It was about determining if this was the right fit more than anything,” says Taylor, “The Culture Index (personality profiling) Survey was a milestone in my discovery process. I really saw how my skills and aptitudes fit in with the business model.”

In talking to other owners, Taylor found the U.S. Lawns network to be welcoming and helpful. “I saw these other owners who were able to scale their business with the help of U.S. Lawns. I knew this was a team I wanted to be a part of.”

He goes on to say, “I also saw the advantage having U.S. Lawns behind my business would give me. There is a confidence that comes from being a nationwide brand with a recognizable name.”

In just two years since joining the team, Taylor business is flourishing, despite the unique challenges Las Vegas’ unrelenting desert terrain presents. “There were a lot of unknowns when I started because landscaping in Las Vegas is very different than anywhere else. Some of the systems and standard procedures had to be adjusted to work here,” explains Taylor, “It was like putting together pieces of a puzzle, but it was very much a “We” situation. The support team was right there, helping me figure it out. They even went out to some properties with me to help me figure out how to establish metrics that worked for our unique situation.”

Today, Taylor has grown his operation to three trucks. He has a Business Developer working steadily to help in add a fourth truck in the first quarter of this year. His team consists of eight guys, a tree guy, and a part time irrigation expert. “I enjoy being challenged and building something. Developing my employees has been very rewarding. It is a great feeling to be able to play a part in helping people change their lives, buy a new car, and support their families. I want this business to be one of the best places to work in Las Vegas.”

It is this connection to U.S. Lawn’s brand vision of improving community in ways you can see, that resonated so deeply with Taylor and ultimately helped him decide to invest in U.S. Lawns. “The culture of a company is very important. I am proud to be a part of U.S. Lawns.”

As for where he sees his business heading, Taylor says, “We have some big goals for 2021 with some huge metrics to surpass. I am looking forward to growing a sustainable business that will give me the freedoms and flexibilities that I could not get working for someone else.”

“Getting that first job was tough, but I kept at it and now I have a portfolio of referrals. Everything is falling into place,” adds Taylor, “I would not have been able to do this, let alone be as successful as I have been without U.S. Lawns. The roadmap has been incredible. I would 100 percent do this again.”

When asked if he had any advice for someone just starting out, Taylor says, “You have to be all in when owning a business. You can’t have just one foot in and be successful. In the beginning it takes putting in the hours. You also have to believe in the system and to be willing to listen. It’s an all or nothing thing.”

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