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U.S. Lawns Featured Market: St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri, the 19th largest metro area in the country, has long been intentional and strategic in its business planning. As a result, the Gateway to the West has become herald for its business-friendly environment. In fact, it ranks in the nation’s top 10 of most cost-competitive places to do business. 

Low tax rates and labor cost continue to attract businesses to St. Louis. Competitive wage rates, unemployment rates below the national average and low cost of living all position this Midwest metropolis for continued growth. 

As home to many major corporations, St. Louis has an abundance of office complexes and business parks. In fact, there are more than 10,000 commercial properties in the area. There is also no shortage of multi-family homes and homeowners’ associations. With so many properties in the area requiring commercial landscape services, this enormous market is currently being vastly underserved.

St. Louis has a short cold season, lasting for only three months (November 28 to February 28). Mowing begins in late March/early April and ends after the leaves fall and before the winter hits. There are also enhancements and seasonal color changes throughout the year. This extended growing season, combined with the area’s business friendly environment and plethora of commercial properties create the ideal conditions to build a profitable commercial landscape business. 

As we see it, St. Louis represents a tremendous opportunity for the right entrepreneur. Currently, U.S. Lawns has identified five available territories in the area. By leveraging the power of the brand, with its proven systems and personalized support systems, an individual can maximize their revenue potential and capture the lion share of this untapped market.  

Are you interested in building a sustainable business with unlimited growth potential in the St. Louis area? Maybe you already have a landscape business in the area and are looking to take your business to the next level? We want to talk to you. Maybe you have never worked in landscaping before but know a good business idea when you see one? We want to talk to you too. 

U.S. Lawns has been helping entrepreneurs build successful commercial landscape businesses for over 35 years. With our proven business model, strong support, and the power of our network of franchisees, we have everything you need to be successful. No experience necessary.Opportunities like in St. Louis won’t last long, so start your journey towards business ownership today by scheduling a call with our franchise development team. Find out more about this opportunity, as well as other available territories here.

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