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How to Find, Recognize, and Hire Qualified Staff for Your Commercial Landscaping Company

If you plan on growing and scaling your commercial landscape company or residential lawn care business, you can’t do it alone. Sooner or later, you’ll need to hire qualified and dedicated employees who know the ins and outs of the industry and who can be relied upon to deliver exceptional customer service. But where do you find them? How can you attract and keep qualified team members? You likely already have a lot on your plate running your small business, so devoting time to human resources can feel daunting. But building your team is crucial to growth, and here, we’ll discuss what to look for in good candidates and how to find them.

What Makes a Great Lawncare Employee?

Whether you operate a commercial landscape company or a residential business, Before trying to find experienced and reliable employees, it’s helpful to know what to look for in a candidate. Depending on your needs, you’ll likely want someone with demonstrable industry experience; but you’ll also want to look for evidence of some of these soft skills:

Enthusiasm: How excited is the candidate by the industry and the idea of working for you? How serious are they about employment?

Initiative: Can this person think on their feet and make decisions on their own that are in your company's best interest? How good are they at time management?

Dependability: Can you count on this person to do the job right, to show up on time, and to always maintain a professional attitude?

Asking the right questions during the interview process will help to reveal whether a candidate possesses any of these skills or to what degree they might be missing.

What Are Some Ways to Find Good Candidates?

We’ve just outlined some of the characteristics that make a great landscape or lawn care employee. Now, how can you find them? Below are a few ways to do so.

Advertise: One of the obvious ways to attract qualified employees is to advertise your need for them. You can do so by writing and publishing ads in local newspapers and on online industry forums. Make sure your ad clearly states the duties and responsibilities of the job and lists any prerequisites you may have, like education, experience, certifications, etc.

Get Social: Posting your job openings on all the social media platforms you engage with, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, is a smart way to let people know you’re hiring. If you have a business website (and you should), you can post openings there, too.

Use Word of Mouth: Reach out to people you trust. Talk to local business owners, and vendors you work with and let any of your current employees know that you’re looking to grow your team.

Good Commercial Landscapers Establish a Reputation for Excellence

One of the very best ways to attract qualified and enthusiastic employees is to establish a reputation as a business that means business. How you approach customer service is going to speak volumes about who you are as a commercial landscaper and an employer. If potential employees can feel proud wearing your logo on their uniform, you’ll have a far less difficult time finding experienced and serious-minded employees who want to be part of your growth goals.

So, what does it mean to deliver exceptional customer service as a landscape professional, and how is it crucial to growth? Commercial property owners typically have a lot on their plates, and making sure their landscape looks its best isn’t just a matter of pride; it’s also integral to safety and the health of their business. When they turn to you for lawn care, they rely on you for your professionalism and expertise and for making their needs your number one priority. Helping them reach their landscaping goals should be your goal, which means keeping channels of communication open, providing competitive pricing on labor and materials, and being punctual and reliable. It might sound old fashioned, but good business owners in any industry know that the customer is king, and adopting that philosophy will go a very long way toward building a team you can count on and be proud of.

Growing your landscaping business and establishing your reputation are challenges that are more easily met when you partner with a brand like U.S. Lawns. We are the number one commercial landscape franchise in the country, and our decades of industry experience mean a competitive advantage all our franchisees enjoy.

To find out how to open a U.S. LAwns commercial landscaping franchise, get in touch today!

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