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What Kind of Landscaping Startup Equipment Will You Need as a Commercial Landscaper?

The commercial landscaping industry is an exciting and recession-resistant one that attracts thousands of entrepreneurs every year as they look to capitalize on its many revenue streams. But good commercial landscapers know theirs isn’t just a job; it’s a responsibility to keep properties looking well-cared for and safe to visit. That requires an investment in the right landscaping startup equipment, the tools, and the technology you’ll need to service clients and see bottom-line growth. Here, we’ll discuss what sort of commercial landscaping equipment, big and small, you’ll need to start a commercial landscaping business and help it grow.

Landscaping Startup Equipment: The Big Stuff

Commercial landscapers are typically responsible for the upkeep of large properties and complexes that often include expansive lawns, stands of trees, rows of shrubbery, large flower beds, and more. That means it’s essential your commercial landscaping business includes the heavy-duty landscaping startup equipment required to handle its care.

It starts with the right vehicle — the truck that can haul not just additional tools to a job site but the supplies you’ll need — mulch, fertilizer, gravel, and more — to keep properties looking beautiful. Ideally, this truck should be a ¾- or ½-ton truck that can transport essential equipment and materials from site to site. It should also be capable of pulling a trailer for extra capacity.

You’ll also need at least one commercial lawn mower, either push-style, riding, or both. Commercial mowers are designed to be larger than residential mowers, so they’re able to mow greater expanses more efficiently and are built to withstand heavy-duty use on a regular basis. Therefore, they come with better quality engines and overall construction, and their horsepower is significantly higher.

If your business is in an area that sees significant yearly snowfall and you want to address that as a landscape provider, you’ll need to add a snowblower to your list of larger pieces of required equipment. Offering your clients snow and ice removal services is an important revenue stream that you’ll want to capitalize on should you live in an area that sees significant snowfall each year.

The Not-So-Big Stuff

In addition to the large commercial landscaping equipment we’ve just discussed, as a commercial landscaper, you’ll also need an array of smaller tools and machinery to help you meet the responsibilities of the job. Many of these include gas- and electric-powered handheld equipment that will give you the extended reach and precision you’ll need to keep properties looking sharp and your clients happy. These include:

  • Blowers
  • Line trimmers
  • Edgers
  • Shrub shears
  • And more

You’ll also need small non-motorized tools like shovels and rakes, push brooms, pruners and hedge shears, and more to do the job right and grow your customer base.

A Brand Partnership

Establishing a commercial landscaping business is an exciting but multi-step process that can leave a lot of would-be owners feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to securing the proper equipment, technology, and tools and stocking up on necessary inventory and supplies. Partnering with U.S. Lawns to open your commercial landscaping franchise can take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of all that. Our deep industry knowledge and longstanding vendor relationships mean our franchisees find just the right equipment they need to grow their businesses, all at highly competitive prices.

U.S. Lawns is a leader in the commercial landscape sphere. To find out more, reach out today!

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