Have You Thought About Franchising? 3 Reasons People Who Own a Landscaping Business Turn to Franchising

Growing your business requires a lot of work, especially when you are doing it all yourself. People who own a landscaping business and are looking for support have turned to franchising to get them the help and resources they need to grow their businesses. Here are three reasons why turning your business into a franchise is a good way to grow.

1.      Sharing the Load

We don’t have to tell you that as an independent business owner you carry a heavy burden. You do everything yourself, often handling everything from the physical labor, to the marketing, to the payroll processing, and everything else in between. It is hard to let go of that responsibility, but it is critical to growing your business.

When you join a franchise, you have people in your corner who can help you with these everyday operations, which is the only way to grow your business. If you can take the time to work on growing your business—adding customers and building up your crew—you could see your business take off. A franchise helps you share that load with processes in place to help you attract new customers.

2.      Competitive Comradery

The great thing about joining forces with a strong franchise brand is that you’ll have access to a vast network of home office employees and your fellow franchise owners. Each of your franchise-owning peers is working towards his or her own goals at the same time as you, creating a sense of friendly competition among you.

At the same time, your fellow franchisees are your brothers in arms. They can help you resolve issues and teach you new strategies and tricks. They are a great sounding board when you have an idea or a question. Other franchisees are an invaluable resource that you don’t have as an independent business owner.

3.      The Power of a Network

There is strength in numbers, and joining a franchise allows you to make the most of those numbers. A nationally recognized brand is made up of hundreds of franchise owners and corporate employees, all of whom work with you to help you succeed. But even more than that, those numbers allow the franchisor to form special relationships with industry members and business services to get franchisees best-in-the-industry pricing.

On top of that, the networking possibilities with a large brand and hundreds of peers are endless. When you own a landscaping business on your own, you don’t have a network to work with. But when you own a franchise, you are automatically part of a group of people who are in your same industry, share your struggles, and can help you in your work. The franchise network is a great source for business ideas and inspiration, which you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

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