4 Franchise Resources You’ll Receive as a U.S. Lawns Franchisee

Power of the Network

One of the biggest benefits of franchise investments is that you get resources to help you stay on the right path to success. We offer a wide range of helpful tools and resources to help our franchisees reach their potential with a commercial landscaping franchise. Here are four support tools that our franchise owners find invaluable.

Power of the Network

We are very proud of the power of our franchise network. Our franchisees are encouraged to communicate with one another to learn the best practices and form lasting friendships with one another. We made this easy by creating an intranet for everyone to share. This serves as a social media and communication tool for our franchisees to talk, exchange ideas, express concerns about any commercial landscaping jobs, and share what they have learned while on the job. This open communication helps each and every franchisee operate their franchise with consistency and with the best service.

In addition to the intranet, all of our franchisees can meet with each other at our annual conferences. We host this conference to connect with our franchisees, reflect on the past year, and share our goals for the upcoming one. These conferences have proven to be beneficial to our brand as a whole and every individual franchise. We also travel to different regions of the country and host conferences to talk to local franchise owners in those areas, so you can meet your fellow U.S. Lawns owners both near and far.

Training and Support

We have an extensive training program that teaches you everything you need to know about horticulture and the operations of your commercial landscaping franchise. Almost all franchise investments include some training, but we go above and beyond to make sure our franchisees have everything they need to run their new business. Every new franchisee comes to our headquarters in Orlando, FL where they learn the best practices, our proven business model, and more.

Beyond our training, we offer support for franchisees right at the beginning. Our Direct Sales Dial Up team is a section of our support team that assists you in finding customers. There is also a development program that helps you with very specific areas as your business grows. It provides you with a deeper understanding of the different elements of your business. In addition to operational support, we also help you with your marketing. We have a dedicated digital marketing account manager through Integrated Digital Strategies who helps you with your digital presence with search engine optimization (SEO), paid social media ads, organic search, and more.

The Business Developer Program

Once your business is up and running after your training, we strongly recommend getting a business developer. This position in your company is a resource solely dedicated to selling your services and growing your business. Having a business developer means having someone who can dedicate 100% of their time to sales. A big concern is that an owner may not have the time to properly train their business developer on their role, so we’ve got them covered by offering special business developer boot camps.

U.S. Lawns Road Map

We have created a road map that is essentially a timeline, telling you exactly what you need to be doing at various milestones in your franchise lifecycle. For example, when you reach a certain amount of monthly revenue, you should have a certain number of employees. Following this road map is important because it gives you benchmarks for success, and shows you when you should be investing in growth to reach certain milestones.  Our road map has been proven to work by our 250 successful franchisees.

Do you want more information about the resources that are provided for franchise investments? Check out our commercial landscaping franchise resource library.