The 700+ Tools That Make U.S. Lawns the Top Commercial Lawn Care Franchise

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U.S. Lawns is dedicated to quality in everything we do. Since we first opened for business in 1986, we have lived and breathed by our Brand DNA to create an amazing commercial lawn care franchise opportunity. Part of our Brand DNA is our promise to you, the franchisee, that we guarantee your success and we will be there to help you achieve it. So, how do we make that happen? With 700+ tools and resources at your disposal that will guide you through opening, operating, and scaling your business. The following are just some of these tools.

Roadmap to Success

The key to a successful business is knowing when and how to expand. This is where many independent business owners fail, because they add too many employees at one time, or they don’t buy enough equipment when they will need it, and so on. The U.S. Lawns Roadmap to Success is our most impactful tool, because it tells you when and how to grow based on your revenue. Following the Roadmap sets you on track to have a strong, scalable business.

Power of the Network

When you join the U.S. Lawns commercial lawn care franchise family, you are joining forces with over 250 franchisees across the United States, as well as the home office team members. Each of these people has experience in what you are about to do because they have gone through the exact same processes to get started. Rely on the power of the U.S. Lawns network whenever you need to.

Bidding Tools

A lot of independent landscapers struggle with accurately bidding on the jobs they do, which means they get over or underpaid for their work. That is an unsustainable way to run a business, so our franchisees use a system specifically for the laborious but necessary process of giving a pricing estimate. This tool is easy to learn and use, so you can rest easy knowing that you are giving customers the most accurate bid. Franchise Support Team Dedicated to franchisee success, our franchise support team talks you through the steps of opening and expanding your business. They act as business and emotional coaches, helping you through the hard work that comes with owning your own business.

Marketing Materials

Properly showcasing your business through your marketing materials will have a great impact on your growth, but many commercial lawn care franchise owners are not marketing experts. That’s where we come in. We have a wealth of marketing materials and effective strategies that our franchisees use, including: • Direct mail • Digital marketing resources • Brochures • Flyers • Presentation folders • Stationery package • Trade show materials Add to that our sales tools that help you make presentations and set appointment with prospective clients, and you can see that we are committed to helping our owners find and sell to customers.

When you join the U.S. Lawns franchise family, you are free to use these and our hundreds of other tools wherever you need them. One of our main goals as a company is 100% franchisee satisfaction, and we are dedicated to meeting that goal.

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