Longing to Work in the Great Outdoors? Check Out Commercial Landscaping

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Investing in a franchise isn’t just a savvy business move: Getting involved in a company that provides commercial landscape services might be just the satisfying niche you need in your professional life.

If you love spending time outside — eating on restaurant patios, walking the dog after work, indulging in outdoor recreational activities like fishing, hunting, or camping — then looking out your office window all day might not be enough to keep you happy. By investing in a franchise that focuses on commercial landscape services, you can spend more time outdoors and change things up every day as you go around your community providing the commercial landscape services that clients need.

Here are three reasons why investing in a franchise that provides commercial landscape services is a savvy business move for an entrepreneurial-minded working professional.

Leave the Cubicle Behind

There are so many reasons why working in a cubicle or stuck behind a desk can drain you of your life force that we hardly know where to begin. While working in a traditional corporate environment may be a good fit for many people, for those of us with entrepreneurial spirits and love of being outside, it can be difficult to stomach sitting indoors all day.

Owning your own landscaping business offers stark contrast to working for someone else in an office. As the owner, you are in control of everything from the hours you work to the people you hire to the goals you set. No more having to listen to your coworkers’ personal calls or smell their tuna sandwiches in the office fridge.

While you will have to spend some time at a desk as the owner of a business—managing the budget and prospecting for new business don’t happen by themselves—you still have the freedom to choose when and how you do it. The rest of the time you will be performing commercial landscape services, enjoying the smell of freshly cut grass and pride of a job well done.

Benefits of Being Outdoors

It is estimated that the average American adult spends 93 percent of their time inside (87 percent in buildings and six percent in vehicles). Experts recommend that children spend at least an hour outside every day to enjoy the benefits that the outdoors have to offer. Children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from spending time outside, which has been linked to:

  • Boosted creativity
  • Improved focus and problem solving
  • Better mood and self esteem

On top of all that, if you are they type of person who relishes time spent outdoors, working in commercial landscaping will give you more opportunities to be outside giving your customers outstanding commercial landscape services.

Love Your Job Again

Being a business owner is unlike any other job; you have the control to make the decisions that are best for you and your business. Even better, you can take pride in being part of something that is bigger than yourself, as the landscaping services you provide will keep your city beautiful and employ members of your own community.

It is no coincidence that research shows that business owners are the happiest people. Owning your own business gives you the flexibility to build the career and life you have always wanted, all while being proud of the work that you do.

Investing in a franchise is a way to enjoy these benefits of being a business owner, with the added perks of a proven system and network of support. U.S. Lawns is the No. 1 commercial landscaping franchise in the nation because we give our franchise owners 700-plus tools to help them succeed.

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