Consider a Franchise Focused on Commercial Landscape Improvements to Boost Efficiency Year-Round

If you’re in the green industry, adding commercial landscape improvements to your service offering – or switching from residential altogether — can help you thrive year-round, even during slow periods. Here’s why.

For people in the green industry, winter can be a tough time. If you live in a climate that doesn’t stay green all year long, then the cold months can put a damper on your landscaping business. But your business doesn’t have to suffer just because of the cold weather! Partnering with a franchise to focus on commercial landscape improvements, as opposed to residential clients, will help you thrive even as the season dies down.

Do More Than Just Survive

Keeping your business efficient throughout the whole year allows you to do more than just survive during the winter months. It is not unusual for franchise owners to remain profitable in the winter months, as long as they take the proper steps to stay that way.

Our top two tips for doing more than just surviving during the winter?

  1. Choosing the right clients
  2. Having a plan

Choose the Right Clients

One of the biggest struggles for landscaping companies comes from working with residential clients. If the majority of your clients are homeowners, then it makes sense that the majority of your business ends when snow falls or the ground is too cold for grass to grow. Working with a franchise empowers you to find commercial clients, earning you greater opportunities for year-round work.

Commercial landscape improvements are more than just mowing bigger lawns. Because businesses are running all year, commercial work is contractual, meaning that you are still earning revenue from these clients even as residential business decreases.

Have a Plan

As winter approaches, it is important to create a plan for the slow months and the coming year. Ask yourself some questions, including:

  • How can I improve on the upcoming year?
  • How can I stay busy in winter?
  • What do I want to accomplish next year?
  • What are my budget limitations?

The answers to these questions can help you set goals for the coming year and then implement a strategy to accomplish them.

Joining forces with a franchise is helpful when you are making plans because you are working with a network of experienced business people who can help you make and accomplish your goals. A franchise network like U.S. Lawns has the resources to help you thrive all year long. Take advantage of the franchisor’s business management experience and tools to help you with revenue projections and budgets.

But even more important than the tools themselves is knowing how to use them to your advantage. When you join a franchise network, the experts you are working with can direct you on how and when to use the tools at your disposal so that you can get the most out of those resources. Knowing what your business needs at any given moment — based on revenue, properties, employees, and more — is what makes franchises stand out as a great option to scale your business.

If you are ready to learn more about converting your business into a franchise, look into the U.S. Lawns franchise opportunity, and then contact us today to speak with a representative about beginning your franchising journey. We take commercial landscape improvements seriously, and we cannot wait to work with experienced, passionate landscapers like you!