3 Ways Franchising with a Commercial Landscaping Business Helps You Unlock Your Potential

If you’ve always felt like you’re destined for more as a working professional, maybe it’s time to work for yourself. Franchising with a commercial landscaping business like U.S. Lawns is a great way to break into the field and fulfill your professional dreams.

What do you do when you are sick of your job, tired of working for someone else, and sick and tired of the corporate grind? You can either keep doing a job you don’t like, or take the leap to do something different. Owning your own commercial landscaping business lets you take control and be your own boss, unlocking your potential for greatness.

If you haven’t considered investing in a franchise as a way to work for yourself, take a look at these three reasons why franchising can be the perfect solution!

#1 Do What You Love

If you’re going to spend fifty-plus years of your life working, it makes sense to do work that you love. If you don’t like the corporate job you are working now, then it is time to branch out on your own. There are franchise opportunities in virtually every industry, so you can find one that lets you marry your passions with your work.

Opening a commercial landscaping business lets you enjoy working outdoors. In addition, a landscaping franchise gives you the chance to be creative and business savvy at the same time. Becoming a business owner lets you use the business skills that you have learned — things like personnel and project management, balancing budgets, marketing, selling, and more — to further your business’s goals. The best part? When you choose a franchise, you will get all the training you need to fill in the blanks in your skill set, ensuring that you have everything you need to thrive in your new role.

#2 Serve Your Community

One of the best ways to serve your community is to own a local business. A popular misconception is that franchisees aren’t local business owners, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! As the owner, you are stimulating your local economy and providing outstanding service to businesses in your area.

Investing in commercial landscaping means that you will serve your community by keeping commercial properties beautiful. Whether you are designing new landscape installations or maintaining smooth turf, your community will be more beautiful because of the work you do.

#3 Create Opportunities

The best franchisees are the ones who are interested in helping others while simultaneously helping themselves, and investing in a commercial landscaping business lets you do that. Creating opportunities for your employees is great for your business and great for your local economy. You can take pride in being part of something bigger than yourself as you build a strong business and career track for your employees.

Franchising makes it easier to create these opportunities, because you have the support of an entire franchise network to help you scale your business, hire the right people, and get your business on the right track from the beginning.

If you are ready to unlock you potential and work for yourself, it is time to invest in a franchise. U.S. Lawns is a commercial landscaping business that specializes in training and supporting our franchisees to build strong, scalable businesses.

You can learn more about the 700-plus tools and resources available to our franchise owners by downloading our eBook!