How to Start a Landscaping Business and Facts about the Industry

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Encouraging Facts about the Landscaping Industry

In our strong economy, people have a plenty of options available to them, career-wise. Owning a business is the dream of many Americans, and landscaping is the ideal option if you are willing to work hard to earn your reward. But before you can start learning how to start a landscaping business, you should start by researching the industry to ensure it is a good investment for you.

Here are 4 encouraging facts about the landscaping industry.

Landscaping Is Worth $78 Billion Annually

Lawn care and landscaping is an enormous industry, with companies of all sizes and specialties across the nation. Earning $78 billion every year, the landscaping industry covers everything from lawn care to hardscapes to flowerbed maintenance to snow and ice management.

Commercial landscaping is also included in the industry, making up a large portion of the work and revenue. Working with commercial clients affords business owners the chance to earn higher revenue with fewer clients because commercial properties are typically larger and operate with higher budgets than residential properties.

Landscapers Start Small and Grow

Many owners of landscaping companies start their businesses with a truck, a mower, and an excitement for their industry. Often, they start out not knowing how to start a landscaping business and learn along the way. (Pro tip: You don’t have to start out like this. Instead, invest in a franchise to learn from a proven system, a huge network of people, and resources to get your business started right.)

The best part of all this? You can start with relatively low upfront costs, especially compared to other business ventures. Overhead costs are low in the landscaping industry – for example, it is smart to add equipment and team members as your business grows instead of investing in those things right off the bat before you have the client base to pay for them.

Landscaping Is a Year Round Business

In warm climates, it goes without saying that landscaping is a year-round business, but did you know that colder climates can also work all year? Snow and ice management is an important service that commercial clients utilize to keep their properties safely maintained in the winter.

In addition, spring and fall both offer different opportunities to your business. In springtime, you will be able to pad your revenue by setting up lawns for a healthy year and installing seasonal landscapes. In the fall, you and your team will spend time preparing properties for cold weather by cleaning leaves and other debris.

Landscapers Are Confident in Their Industry

In Lawn and Landscapes’ State of the Industry report for 2017, the publication confirmed that the industry is growing. Compared to past years, more landscaping companies are turning a profit and earning higher revenues. Even better, 75% of business owners surveyed said they are confident that their businesses will grow next year.

If owning your own business is something you have always wanted, landscaping is worth looking into. Additionally, if you don’t know how to start a landscaping business, you can learn from the pros by investing in a U.S. Lawns franchise. We are the experts in commercial landscaping, so we help our owners get started and scale their businesses for growth. Download our eBook to learn how we will help you succeed.