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Starting your own landscaping business may be an entrepreneurial dream. The business model may seem simple, but competition in the residential space is fierce and many fail to grow beyond a single truck operation. Commercial lawn care offers a unique niche within the landscaping industry and provides higher and more consistent revenue opportunities. However, with more complex jobs and projects, many commercial clients turn to national commercial lawn care brands to help them with their landscaping needs. By investing in a franchise that has already established a name for themselves and is leading their industry, you will be more likely to see success with your landscaping business.

A Proven Business Model

One of the many benefits of investing in a franchise is the proven business model that has already been developed for you to use. Creating a viable business model is extremely time consuming, and the model itself doesn’t even scratch the surface of the countless systems and processes that are needed to run it successfully. Even when completed, someone who owns an independent commercial lawn care business still faces the competition the large national brands.

U.S. Lawns provides its franchisees with extensive training and more than 700 individual tools, systems, and processes to give them a head start on the competition. With this head start, the time it would have taken to develop your own business model, systems, and process can be dedicated to more productive activities like growing your network, hiring your team, and establishing clientele relationships.

A Recognizable and Trusted Brand

Bottom line, choosing a brand with national brand recognition leads to a successful business. A trusted brand like U.S. Lawns is trusted by customers and is known to provide exemplary services. With a brand DNA that each franchise holds true and exemplifies in everything they do, the true power of U.S. Lawns is in the network. With this network behind you, you will be more likely to see success in commercial lawn care and grow a business that you will be proud of.

Training and Support

You may think you know a lot about commercial lawn care, but when you own your own business, there is no one to help guide you along the way with any problems that may occur. U.S. Lawns franchisees have the benefit of a franchisor with 32 years of experience behind them to offer training, ongoing support, and assistance to help them along the way. From support in employee recruiting and prospecting, to tools that assist in estimating and submitting proposals, U.S. Lawns supports its franchisees every step of the way.

When it comes to commercial lawn care, investing in a franchise drastically increases your chances of establishing a successful business. A proven business model, recognizable brand, incomparable training, and unwavering support are just some of the benefits you receive with your investment.

U.S. Lawns is the leading commercial lawn care franchise and has opportunities available nationwide. If owning a commercial landscaping business is something you are interested in, then U.S. Lawns may be the right option for you.

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