What Tools and Resources Does U.S. Lawns Provide to Help Me Run My Business?

how to start a landscaping company

Knowing how to start a landscaping company is only a portion of the battle when it comes to running a small business. This is why exploring how to start a franchise could prove to be better for your business dreams. With a brand like U.S. Lawns behind you, you will have the tools and resources your franchise needs to put you in a position to rise above the competition.

A common misconception about franchising is the idea of working for someone else as opposed to being your own boss with an independently-owned business. That is not the case with U.S. Lawns. We understand that franchises are independent businesses but with a reputable brand behind them, which enables franchisees to go into business for themselves instead of by themselves.

A Brand with National Strength but a Local Commitment

We have 250 franchisees nationwide that are united through our business model as well as a dedication to the U.S. Lawns brand. A franchisor is only as strong as its franchisees, and our brand has a lot to offer to make sure franchisees have what they need to open a commercial landscaping franchise.

We pride ourselves on the values we hold true to maintain strength through our strong network and the local commitment that each franchise puts forth to strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have been in the commercial lawn care business for many years, and we know how hard it can be to get started and maintain consistent growth. That is why we have several tools and resources to help franchisees at different stages of their business.

Tools and Resources to Learn How to Start a Landscaping Company

Before you even decide if a landscaping franchise is right for you, we have resources to help you learn how to start a franchise with U.S. Lawns Our resource library is full of free, downloadable content for everyone interested in learning more about the brand, the industry, or what it’s like to own a franchise.

In addition to the resources before you invest, U.S. Lawns offers training to assure that all franchisees have the information they need to best represent the brand and encompass our mission and values in everything they do. The training is five days with the U.S. Lawns team at the headquarters in Orlando, Florida. It is here that we teach franchisees everything they need to know about the commercial lawn care industry and how U.S. Lawns comes out ahead of the competition. After the training, we also have a support team that will assist franchisees in any way they can to make sure their franchise can achieve its full potential.

Aside from the support from the franchisor, we have also developed an intranet for management forms, employee development, manuals, supply pricing and ordering, financials reporting, customer communications, and more to help franchisees keep their day-to-day and big picture operations more organized and put together. With your investment, we provide all the tools you need to help in many areas of your business.

Services to Show You How to Start a Franchise

U.S. Lawns is different from other commercial lawn care businesses because of the network between the franchises and also a local commitment to every territory that a franchise encompasses. We want to help you have the highest chance for success with your franchise, and with 750 different tools and resources to help with different areas of business.

Find out how to start a landscaping company with U.S. Lawns by learning more about the investment.