Provide Service All Year Round From Green Turfs to Snow and Ice Management

When you consider investing in a lawn care franchise, certain images likely come to mind: mowers, fertilizers, and lush green turf are probably at the forefront. However, many of our potential franchisees don’t realize that U.S. Lawns franchise partners are responsible for much more than lawn care. If you live in a region that suffers from harsh winters, fear not — there are still plenty of valuable services you’ll be able to offer your customers during the colder months. We train our franchisees to handle all kinds of important landscaping tasks, from maintaining irrigation systems to battling snow and ice. Being able to handle such a wide array of jobs allows our franchisees the opportunity to develop a wide customer base. Let’s learn a little bit more about the many services U.S. Lawns provides.

Snow and Ice Removal is Big Business in the Fall and Winter

Depending on what region of the country you’re in, snow and ice removal has the potential to make up a major percentage of your profits. Not only are U.S. Lawns franchisees responsible for removing snow and ice when it arrives, they also work with their customers to develop a plan for how to manage their landscape when it arrives. You’ll anticipate snow and ice when you plan out the future of each of your landscapes, choosing plants and maintenance strategies that will keep landscapes looking great and staying safe in winter conditions. When the snow and ice arrives, you and your team will help to keep their properties accessible and free of hazards until spring. For some of our franchisees, snow and ice removal makes up a large (and lucrative!) part of their business. 

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Preparing Irrigation Systems for Winter

Nothing can ruin a landscape like an improperly-maintained irrigation system. Broken pipes and clogged sprinkler heads can spell disaster for plants, and oftentimes improper winter maintenance is to blame. Our lawn care franchise owners will help their customers save money and keep their landscapes looking great year-round by preparing irrigation systems for winter. While lawn care might not be the top priority during winter in some regions of the country, your services still will be necessary in order to make sure customers are prepared to start watering when spring comes again.

Preparing for and Cleaning Up After Storms

Even if there isn’t much snow and ice in your region, chances are you’ll still see a few storms every year. Storms can wreak havoc on a beautiful landscape, scattering branches and damaging flowers and turf. During storm season, you’ll keep your clients prepared by maintaining their trees and plants so that they’re less likely to be damaged by wind. After a storm, you and your team will help undo the damage by being on-site quickly, restoring commercial properties to their safe and beautiful state. Preparing for and cleaning up after storms are important duties of every one of our lawn care franchise owners. 

As you can see, lawn care franchise owners are responsible for providing many services year-round. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to become a U.S. Lawns franchisee!