Don’t Know Much About Landscaping? U.S. Lawns Offers Comprehensive Support and Training to Our Franchisees

If you’re thinking of opening a lawn treatment service, but don’t have much experience in landscaping, don’t let your inexperience stop you! U.S. Lawns has been in business for more than 30 years, and in that time we’ve developed a strong training program designed to get newcomers up to speed on everything they need to know to run one of our franchises. If you’re coming from a military background and aren’t sure which career path to take now that you’ve reentered civilian life, we think you’ll be excited about this opportunity to break into our booming industry while getting to work outside on your own schedule.

The Training You Need to Learn the Business

Our comprehensive training program is designed to help newcomers to the industry quickly and effectively learn how to run a lawn treatment service business. First, you’ll spend a week at our corporate headquarters learning directly from our team. We’ll show you how to do everything from recruiting new customers, to deploying service providers, to managing bookkeeping, and more. We’ve developed a repertoire of software systems that are designed to make administrative tasks as simple as possible, along with more than 700 resources you can access at your own convenience if you need guidance or further information. And of course, our experts are always a phone call away if you need help or clarity after your initial training has ended. 

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Support When and Where You Need It

Running a new business can be challenging. At U.S. Lawns, we make every effort to simplify the process as much as possible. Still, we know that our new and existing franchisees need ongoing support in order to grow their business effectively. One important ongoing support service we offer is marketing help. Our team knows what it takes to launch an effective marketing campaign. This is a crucial effort when it comes to getting word out to your community that you’re nearby to provide commercial landscaping services. We have developed an array of materials to be disseminated across multiple channels that will make it as easy as possible for you to spread the word about your business!

We also support you when it comes to growing your business effectively. After your franchise is up and running, our experts will make on-site visits to ensure that you’re practicing the best possible procedures. We’ll analyze your growth, and will help you maximize your efforts to find new customers and reach out to your local business community. If you’re a veteran who is unsure of how to go about starting your own business, this level of personal attention makes U.S. Lawns a great fit for you. You’ve dedicated your life to protecting and serving our country, and we’re excited about helping you thrive in civilian life with this fun franchise opportunity.

As you can see, U.S. Lawns’ lawn care service is a great choice for investors from a range of backgrounds. We’re excited to help you break into our booming industry. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a franchisee!