Why You Should Take Advantage of Franchise Opportunities with U.S. Lawns

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National strength. Local commitment. The power of the network. These are the things that we value here at U.S. Lawns. We are the leading commercial lawn care franchise for a reason, and we can answer the question “Is owning a franchise a good investment?” The quick answer is yes, because you get a strong mission and values that other locations share all over the country, and you also get a range of resources to help you stay on the right course for success. Here’s more about our vision and our values, and why we’re the right franchise opportunity for you.

National Strength

We are a national franchise that has over 250 locations all over the country. We owe a lot of our success to our unified mission and values, the training and support we offer our franchisees, and the tools and systems that we’ve developed specifically for them. Our numbers make us the largest landscaping and lawn care franchise, and we are the ninth largest company in the landscaping industry. Our brand has the national strength, strong brand recognition and a reputation for quality, consistent commercial landscaping to properties everywhere. In fact, we are the only landscape franchise that focuses exclusively on commercial properties.

Local Commitment

Our lawn care franchise opportunity follows an owner-operator business model. This model consists of the franchisee being involved in every aspect of the business. You are in control of the operations of your business, and you lead a team to get jobs done and assess how your team is working together. We decided that our franchises needed to follow an owner-operator model because the community is important to a lawn care franchise. You and your crew are members of the surrounding community, and people in your community are your customers. This local commitment to your business and the surrounding area go along way for our franchises because they are part of something bigger than themselves.

In addition to your external commitment to the surrounding community, you have an internal commitment to your team. You are the boss, and you are responsible for hiring and training employees to share the same values as you do for your business – and they want to see it succeed.

You also have a commitment to your brand. We have developed several resources for you to share your practices and learn new ones as your business grows. Our franchise owners communicate with one another to make sure everyone is successful at their individual locations. We are all working together to succeed, so our franchise owners love to talk to each other about what’s going on with their business.

Power of the Network

We have a very strong and powerful network of franchisees. From annual conferences to our internal intranet, our franchisees are encouraged to communicate with one another and form friendships. As a brand, we make sure our network stays strong by offering ongoing support for our franchisees.

When people ask us “is owning a franchise a good investment?” we respond by showing them just how great investing in one of our lawn care franchises can be. Our investment covers everything you need to get started with a franchise, and we offer discounts to people converting their business and veterans. In fact, we were named one of the best franchise opportunities for veterans because of our owner-operator business model, sense of comradery, and the ability to help people in businesses in a community.

We are proud to welcome veterans to our franchise family. If you are looking to answer the question “is owning a franchise a good investment?” and invest in a lawn care franchise that you can be proud of, reach out to us. lawn care franchise