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A Commercial Landscape Company Is a Recession-Resistant Business Opportunity!

Anyone going into business would like to believe they’re doing so in an industry that is thriving; after all, business ownership is challenging enough without having to struggle during economic downturns. The good news is that the franchise model is better able to withstand those inevitable downturns, thanks to built-in benefits, and opening a commercial landscape company means you’ll be part of a recession-resistant industry that continues to meet the needs of millions of property owners every year.

Learn What Defines a Recession-Resistant Industry

Industries that are recession-resistant are typically those that provide essential goods or services and, as such, are not as vulnerable to the effects of outside influences, pressures, trends, and so forth. Industries that cater to basic needs like food, water, clothing, and utilities are all good examples. Looked at another way, these industries either provide an absolute necessity the public will always keep needing and buying, or they see demand rise due to whatever challenging conditions the economy may be under.

Commercial property owners and managers know the importance of keeping their properties looking their best and remaining safe for visitors and employees to be on. First impressions always matter to them, and investing in a lawn care business opportunity will let you help property owners make lasting ones!

The initial impression of a business becomes especially important during challenging economic times because competition has increased. That means smart business owners do everything they can to stand head and shoulders above the rest, and one of the easiest and best ways to do that is to maintain attractive, eye-catching, and welcoming landscapes and public areas. Commercial property owners budget for regular landscaping and lawn care, often years in advance, making your commercial lawn franchise better able to handle economic swings.

The Suite of Services Your Landscape Franchise Can Provide Will Meet a Variety of Needs

Owning and operating a recession-resistant business with U.S. Lawns means you’ll be able to offer your commercial clients a suite of services to meet their every need. From regular lawn care and seasonal planting to tree and shrub pruning, snow and ice removal, irrigation, hardscape installation, and more, your clients will be able to turn to you for ongoing and exceptional service, with no job too big or small.

Furthermore, our national marketing campaigns, coupled with our highly recognized brand name, mean you’ll always be in front of your next best customer. We know how important it is to get the word out about your lawn care business, so we also make sure you have access to a cache of resources to aid you in your local marketing efforts, too. It’s just one of the many ways we show our commitment to our franchise owners as we continue to lead the way in our thriving industry.

The Strength of a National Brand When You Need It Most!

No business owner wants to face tough times, but if and when they do, wouldn’t it be great if they could count on a strong brand partnership to help them get through it?

U.S. Lawns is the nation’s leading commercial landscaping franchise brand, and with our deep industry experience comes advantages that can help franchise owners weather the ups and downs of business ownership. Our time-tested business model allows for scale that can keep you ahead of the curve and the competition. From our proprietary technology that lets you create accurate estimates, track resources and costs, schedule time and more, to important vendor relationships that will allow you to provide your customers with the services and products they need, a U.S. Lawns partnership can mean a robust bottom line no matter what the economic climate!

Ready to learn more about a U.S. Lawns lawn care business opportunity? Get in touch with one of our franchise experts today!

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