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Smart Ways to Attract and Retain Your Customers as a Commercial Lawn Care Franchise Owner

When you open a commercial lawn care franchise or any small business franchise, it’s not enough to just hang up your open-for-business sign and wait for customers to come walking through the door (if only it were that simple!). You’re going to have to work to attract your clients, and that means staying on top of best practices, networking, paying attention to details, and much more. Here, we’ll look at some smart ways you can find your best customer, keep them coming back for more, and grow your landscaping business.

Offer a Diverse Suite of Services

The best and most resilient local franchise opportunities offer investors multiple revenue streams and consumers a suite of services they can rely on to meet their needs, no matter what they are and no matter how often they might change. This feature is especially important for commercial lawn care franchises.

Commercial property owners have a lot riding on their landscapes looking their best. They know first impressions matter, and safety is of the utmost importance. That means they want to align with a commercial lawn care company that has the flexibility to address any issues, achieve any goals, and work within any budget. Once they find that company, they’ll likely want to schedule regular attention a year or two in advance to make sure they never fall behind on maintenance and care.

So, as a commercial landscaping small business franchise owner, what kind of services will your best customer likely be looking for? Below are just a few of them:

  • Lawn care
  • Landscape improvements
  • Pest and weed control
  • Seasonal planting
  • Mowing and edging
  • Tree care and pruning
  • Ice and snow removal
  • Irrigation

The bottom line is that the more you have to offer your customers, the better your chances are of finding and retaining them, so a comprehensive suite of services is important to business growth.

Pay Attention to Customer Service

One of the very best ways to grow your customer base is to ensure you take good care of the ones you already have. A happy client is far more likely to recommend your services to others, and the exponential power of word of mouth can’t be overstated. All you have to do to appreciate that fact is think about the last time you experienced poor customer service. What are the chances of you recommending that business to a friend or neighbor? Pretty slim.

So, how can you assure a good customer experience? Make sure your team is attentive and always professional, punctual, and polite. Keep the channels of communication open and address any client inquiries, concerns, and feedback quickly and thoroughly. Stay on top of best practices, so you’re always able to meet your clients’ needs as they grow or change. Take pride in your work! That alone will go a very long way toward letting your customers know they matter to you. When clients feel cared for, they want to help you grow and are happy to become part of your small business franchise’s story.

Build Brand Consistency Through Our Franchise Support

Good branding is worth the investment. Trucks that feature your business logo, uniforms that sport brand colors and insignia, signs, mottos, taglines, and more are all part of branding efforts that can go a long way toward keeping your landscaping business in front of your best customers.

Consistent branding is not always easy to achieve, but partnering with an established franchise brand like U.S. Lawns can get you there. Our franchises have been helping commercial property owners keep their lawns and landscapes looking sharp for decades and have developed marketing and branding that resonates with them. Our colors, logos, mottos, and more are immediately identifiable, and you’ll have access to all that and more as a U.S. Lawns commercial lawn care franchise owner, saving you thousands of dollars you might otherwise need to spend hiring a marketing agency or design firm.

A brand partnership with U.S Lawns can help you reach your best lawn care customers in all the ways we’ve just discussed. To learn more about our latest franchise opportunities, get in touch with us today!

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