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Partner with a Commercial Lawn Care Franchise for Long Term Growth

Being in business for yourself can be an incredibly rewarding experience — personally, professionally, and hopefully, financially. But a lot will depend on how you manage your business to achieve lasting growth. The commercial landscaping industry is a robust and resilient one, and opening a commercial lawn care franchise is a great way to take advantage of it, particularly if you partner with the right brand. But no brand partnership comes with guaranteed success, which means it’s important for small business owners and franchisees to take charge of managing their businesses, setting growth goals, and recognizing opportunities.

Here, we’ll take a look at how to manage a small business in ways that allow it to flourish, adapt, and see steady success.

Learn How to Hire the Right Landscape and Lawn Care Crew

The landscape and lawn care industry relies on hardworking men and women who love the outdoors and have an interest in beautifying neighborhoods. Your commercial lawn care franchise or small business will depend on them, too, so it’s vital that you hire and keep crew members you can trust to get the job done right.

Every serious candidate for an opening should understand the important role they’ll play in the management and growth of your business, particularly if you’re hiring to fill a leadership position. You’ll want to lay out your expectations from the beginning and let your team know that the customer experience is a high priority. It’s also important to let candidates know their hard work will not go unnoticed and, in fact, will be rewarded with competitive pay, periodic raises and bonuses, and incentives and perks — all meaningful ways to recognize your team and keep employees feeling appreciated and motivated.

Good Business Management Means Scaling for Growth

Managing your business for growth can only come if you’re prepared for it, and that can only happen if your business model allows for scaling. What do we mean by that?

Scaling your business means there are systems and procedures in place that will set you up for lasting development and growth. It's important to remember that scaling is not the same as growing; scaling means you're able to handle an increase in sales, work, or output over time. It means you’ve worked as many kinks out as possible ahead of time, that you listen to valuable input from others, pay close attention to customer service, and are always innovating, never stagnating.

Scaling your business is critical to growing it over the long term, but it’s not always easy to achieve, especially if you’re new to business ownership or the landscape and lawn care industry. Many business owners choose to partner with franchise brands for this reason because established brands typically already have a business plan in place that accounts for scaling and all that’s required to achieve it.

Rely on the Robust Technology That Our Lawn Care Franchise Can Provide

We live in a highly technological age, and if you’re not capitalizing on that as a business owner, you’re not maximizing your chances for success. Technology can play an especially vital role as a commercial lawn care franchise owner because it can help you create accurate estimates, proposals, and invoices. U.S. Lawns franchisees enjoy proprietary technology that allows them to do that and more — like plan schedules, keep track of staff, adjust for contingencies, and monitor deliveries, among many other important facets of doing business.

When you can accurately bid on jobs instead of “guesstimating,” you’re ahead of the curve and the competition. Clients will appreciate that numbers have been laid out plainly, and you can go to work knowing you’re building worth.

To find out more about the U.S. Lawns business model and how it helps our franchisee owners manage and grow their businesses, get in touch today!

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